Woods Hole VIVO launched  The Marine Biology Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, has a new VIVO, and its beautiful!  See http://vivo.mblwhoilibrary.org/  Congratulations to the Library at MBLWHOI for creating this wonderful new site!

Technical documentation  We continue to make progress on creating the VIVO 1.9.x Documentation wiki from technical materials that previously were found in the VIVO wiki.  The VIVO wiki will continue to be the primary source for community, news, work in progress, task forces, governance, events, interest groups, planning, and historical material.  Outdated materials have been archived.  Background materials have been gathered into a new heading, Background Resources.  Planning materials have been moved to the appropriate task force areas.  The documentation wiki will focus on describing the VIVO software, and how to do things with it (DevOps, Data Management, and End User usage).  The documentation wiki is version specific.  If you find something missing, out of place, out-dated, confusing, or otherwise in need of improvement, please let us know, and please consider improving the material by editing, writing, or rearranging.  Please contact Graham Triggs if you'd like to help.

Speaking of the wiki  We recently reviewed the Considering VIVO section of the wiki, updating materials, removing outdated materials, and in general, refreshing the section.  There is still more that could be done – particularly regarding product evaluation.  If you recently evaluated VIVO, perhaps you have materials that could be shared with the rest of the community and could become a part of the wiki, helping others evaluate VIVO.  Please contact Mike Conlon if you have thoughts or materials regarding product evaluation.

Fellowships  Have you modeled fellowships in your VIVO?  If so, please consider joining the conversation on vivo-tech@googlegroups.com and share your thoughts.  Fellowships share aspects of positions (the fellowship pays a stipend and is in an academic organization), person types (the person with the fellowship is a fellow), awards (the person holding the fellowship has been recognized for their scholarship, and many fellowships have names of their own), training (fellowships are often considered part of the training of the scholar holding the fellowship), and projects (many fellowships have a specific academic output associated with the fellowship).  VIVO is well suited for showing the connections between these representations.  How are these treated in your VIVO?  How might they best be treated?

Development call  The Development Interest Group will have its call this Thursday at 1 PM.  Discussions center of technical aspects of VIVO and Vitro, including technical documentation.  If you have an interest in developing new features for VIVO or Vitro, please consider joining this call.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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