Oh my, what a conference!  The 2016 VIVO Conference was truly amazing!  Thanks to all who attended, to Designing Events for all their help, and to the Marriott City Center Denver.  Denver was a great place to visit, even if the weather turned a bit on Friday. I hope everyone's travel home went smoothly and safely.  It was so great to see all our VIVO friends and to make new ones.  Super special thanks to Julia Trimmer, Conference Chair, Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, Program Chair, Alex Viggio, Conference Co-Chair, and Violeta Ilik, Program Co-chair, and all the members of the VIVO 2016 Conference Planning Task Force.  What a great job!  What a great conference.  We have quite a few follow-ups and you will be hearing more about them in the weeks and months ahead.

Did you present at the conference?  Thank you for presenting!  We had incredible contributed talks and posters.  

If you haven't already done so, please upload your slides to your Figshare collection, and tag them with vivo16.  Full instructions are here.  We will get them into OpenVIVO from there.  You can see the uploaded materials in OpenVIVO here:  http://openvivo.org/display/eventVIVO2016 and click on "Publications".

VIVO 2017.  Alex Viggio will serve as Conference Chair for VIVO 2017.  Violeta Ilik will serve as Program Chair.  We will be starting VIVO 2017 conference planning soon.  Would you like to be involved? Please contact Alex or Violeta.  We are always looking for ways to make a great conference even better!

Technical Documentation  This past Tuesday in Denver we held a "Documentation Work Party" to create a new set of technical documentation for VIVO.  Many members of the VIVO community attended.  Thanks so much!  A new wiki,  VIVO 1.9.x Documentation, has been created to contain technical documentation for VIVO 1.9.  The VIVO wiki now refers to the technical documentation wiki for all versions of technical documentation.  The 1.9 documentation is focused on what VIVO is and does.  Materials regarding strategy, roadmap, background, history, older versions, and other materials have been moved to Background Resources (see below), appropriate task forces, and the Technical Documentation Archive (see below).  We hope the new 1.9 documentation is easier to use, and more approachable by those charged with creating and maintaining VIVO.  The new documentation is driven by an outline.  When no material is present, the outline page will be empty.  If you find an empty page, please feel free to draft content for inclusion.  Over time, we hope to fill out the entire outline.

All pages previously in the VIVO wiki under "Technical Documentation" have been archived in a new space here:  VIVO Technical Documentation Archive Home.

Background Resources  In creating the new technical documentation, we found a number of outstanding resources that deserved their own place in the VIVO wiki.  A new heading in the left hand menu Background Resources has been created as a home for materials that do not describe VIVO, but may be useful for those new to VIVO, describing technologies and approaches used in the VIVO community.  As these materials continue to improve, they could form the basis for training materials related to VIVO.  If you have ideas about background materials you need, or materials you wish you had when you started with VIVO, drop us an email and share your thoughts.

Apps and Tools call  The Apps and Tools Interest Group will have its call this Thursday, August 25, at 1 PM eastern.  The call features presentations and discussion of (you guessed it) VIVO apps and tools.  The group maintains a catalog of Apps and Tools Catalog – open source software for use with VIVO.  Do you have an open source application or tool that works with VIVO?  Please consider adding to the catalog.  Regardless, all are welcome on the call!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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