Did we launch OpenVIVO?  Yes, we did.  See http://openvivo.org  Have an ORCID?  Sign on.  Don't have an ORCID?  Get an ORCID at http://orcid.org and sign on.  It's that easy. If you follow VIVO on Twitter (@vivocollab) you'll see good people saying nice things about OpenVIVO.  It would be great if you did that too!

Dozens of people at Force16 have signed on.  All the Force16 presentations are being posted in Figshare and are available in OpenVIVO here: http://openvivo.org/display/eventFORCE2016.  As of this writing, OpenVIVO has data for 210 people,  560 academic works, and 769 attributions associated with academic works. All the data is published hourly to http://openvivo.org

You may want to promote OpenVIVO.  Here's a flyer that describes it's features.  Feel free to print and share the flyer, or use text from the flyer in your own materials.

OpenVIVO is a VIVO everyone can join.  It is the joint work of the OpenVIVO Task Force, the Force11 Attribution work group and OpenRIF.  What a great job these people did to design and build OpenVIVO.

We hope you try OpenVIVO and share your thoughts about it on one of the VIVO Google Groups. 

Implementation Call. Implementing VIVO?  Join us this Thursday at 1 PM, we will have a Implementation Interest Group call.  It's a friendly group.  New to VIVO, this is a great place to introduce yourself and your project and share your thoughts and questions about implementing VIVO.

Need help with your VIVO implementation? VIVO works with companies that can help you:

"Symplectic is a world-leading software development and service company specialized in the delivery of integrated research information management systems."

"Gunter Media Group Inc. (GMG) is a strategic management-consulting firm that helps libraries, publishers and companies to not only solve their key operational, technical and human assets but address new business opportunities."

You can find contact information on the VIVO web site here: http://vivoweb.org/community/service-providers

Do you represent a company that works with VIVO and could provide services to sites looking to implement VIVO?  Please contact us to become a registered service provider for VIVO.

You can help VIVO.

  1. Plan to attend the User Group Meeting.  The VIVO User Group Meeting will be held in Chicago, May 5-6.  You can register at http://vivousergroup.eventbrite.com
  2. Help build financial support for VIVO.  Join the 2016 Membership Task Force.  Contact Jonathan Markow
  3. Help us identify needs for VIVO.  I wish I could use VIVO to ...  Complete the sentence here:  http://goo.gl/forms/u7mqR0OrCv. Click the link.  Will take two minutes or less.  We will use the results to help plan future features.

Sea Change: Challenges and Opportunities in the Publishing Ecosystem.  On April 21, I'll be in Washington DC, presenting on collaboration in science and the role of the scholarly data ecosystem and systems like VIVO to improve collaboration and science.  Perhaps I'll see you there! http://allenpress.com/events/seminar



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director