VIVO User Group Meeting.  Registration is open.  VIVO User Group Meeting #1 will be held May 5-6 at the Galter Health Science Library at Northwestern in Chicago!

This event is something new.  We want to bring together people who care about VIVO to discuss topics of vital interest to the future development of the project.  The registration site below has links to a description of the event, and a proposed agenda.  We are looking for ideas.  Send your ideas for discussion topics to Mike Conlon or Graham Triggs.  We will be at the meeting and we hope to see you there.  To register, use the link below.  The User Group meeting is free and open to all.

Membership Task Force forming.  As you know, great leadership, keen technological prowess, and a strong community are three critical components for VIVO's success. A fourth one is Membership. Membership revenue pays for a full-time project director and tech lead, travel, fund-raising, marketing, infrastructure, and a number of other things critical to the success of open source projects. We have ambitious goals this year and we want to fire up all our engines to achieve them.

This year our aim is to ramp up the recruitment of new members with a focused campaign. In particular, we want to invite organizations that have been using or exploring VIVO, but not contributing to the project, to increase their commitment and become active members.

Membership recruitment is a job for everyone who cares about VIVO, and you don't need to be an experienced fund raiser to lend a hand. This year, Jonathan Markow from DuraSpace will lead a task force that will aim to bring in a ground-breaking number of new members for VIVO. If you love VIVO, you're invited to join. Contact or me.

I wish I could use VIVO to ...  Complete the sentence here: You can do this.  Click the link.  Will take two minutes or less.

VIVO and SHARE webinars available.  Learn how your VIVO can be shared with SHARE and become searchable, discoverable, retrievable as part of the  scholarly ecosystem.  Recordings of 3 VIVO plus SHARE webinars are available:

User Group Planning Call. This Thursday at 1 PM, we will have a call regarding 2016 VIVO User Group Meeting #1.  Mike Conlon and Graham Triggs will co-chair the call.  Please bring your suggestions about how to have a great meeting, and questions regarding what we hope the meeting will achieve.  Here is a WebEx link to join the meeting:  This is a chance to have your voice heard.  We hope you will be able to attend the call, and attend the user group meeting.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director