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Galter Health Sciences Library and the Northwestern University
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

The VIVO User Group Meeting brings together VIVO thought leaders and practitioners to discuss VIVO futures.  The group will create recommendations for the future of VIVO.  The meeting should reinforce the purpose of VIVO, foster communication, make progress on fundamental issues, and address strategy.

The meeting is not a hackathon, a conference, nor an implementation fest.  A preliminary agenda has been developed (see below), but topics are expected to change, and breakouts developed by the attendees during the meeting

Time and Place

Wednesday, May 4, 2016, optional dinner for those arriving early, time and place TBA

Thursday, May 5, 2016, 9 AM to 5 PM Galter Health Science Library Administration Conference Room, Ward Building, 303 E Chicago Ave. #2-212, Chicago, IL 60611.  See

Friday, May 6, 2016, 8 AM to 3 PM.  Same location as above.


Registration is free, there is no cost to attend the user group meeting.  But seating is limited.  Please register at


Attendees are encouraged to find reasonably priced hotels within walking distance of the Galter Library. Some good options are listed below and may offer a Northwestern University discount:


  1. Optional, social, gathering dinner the night before.

  2. Full day of topic driven sessions.  No presentations.  Participants should have the background they need to participate.

  3. Joint happy hour, dinner

  4. ¾ day of topic driven sessions, adjourning early enough for most people to catch planes and get home the same day.

User Group Work Products

Recommendations from each session.  “The group recommends VIVO  …”  Outputs will be discussed with Steering and become part of the VIVO strategic plan and project roadmap.  Follow-up work will be done by task forces.

Preliminary Agenda

The topics below have been suggested by the project director, technical lead, and Steering Group.  Additional topics will be identified before the meeting and revised agenda produced.  Attendees will raise additional topics and will revise to a final agenda. Breakouts may be needed to accommodate topics.




Optional dinner for those arriving early



Gathering.  Coffee.  Introductions

Topic 1


OpenRif and VIVO. What is OpenRif.  Which ontologies are in VIVO?  What changes to ontology are desirable?  Necessary?



Coffee break. Identification of additional topics.

Topic 2


Supporting an Ontology Process.  How do the ontologies in VIVO get updated?  Extracted?  Community support of ontology changes.




Topic 3


How should VIVO use existing RDF data (Journals, GeoLocation, Orgs, dates)?  What data might exist?  What should exist?  Process for using existing data.



Afternoon break

Topic 4


VIVO presentation layer.  The profile. What is missing?  Brainstorming a larger collection of visualizations, expert finding



Social hour, dinner



Gathering. Coffee.

Topic 5


VIVO ingest processes.  How can we be more productive?  What should be provided?  Recommended?  



Coffee break

Topic 6


VIVO Data Reuse.  How can we foster reuse?  What should be provided?  Recommended?




Topic 7


Readback, summary, action items.  Meeting adjourns

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