Release 1.8.1. Release 1.8.1 is nearing completion.  1.8.1 is a maintenance release, addressing issues related to performance and addressing known issues with the behavior of VIVO.  There no ontology changes in release 1.8.1.  See VIVO 1.8.1 Release Planning for additional details regarding issues addressed.

Release 1.9.0.  Planning for release 1.9.0 is beginning in keeping with the work of the 2016 VIVO Roadmap Task Force.  If you have ideas for features you would be willing to build, or have one of your staff members build, for release 1.9.0, please contact one of the task force members.  Release 1.9.0 is planned as a features release – adding new features to VIVO aligned with the roadmap.  No ontology changes are expected for 1.9.0.  See VIVO 1.9 Release Planning.

Community Projects pages.  The VIVO Project has been fortunate to generate a wide variety of software development activity related to VIVO. The result is a catalog developed by the Apps and Tools Interest Group.   The catalog has been expanded and reorganized as the Apps and Tools Catalog pages and can now be found in the left hand menu of the VIVO wiki.  The catalog lists dozens of software projects and systems that can be used with VIVO.  Thanks to Graham Triggs and Ted Lawless for re-organizing the materials.  Thanks to contributed software authors for their work and for their descriptions of their work.

Resetting the VIVO database.  There was a good discussion on the email lists this week of how best to reset the VIVO database.  And this led to consideration of how to make available best practices or "how to" articles regarding aspects of VIVO.  See How-to articles in the VIVO wiki and please contribute a how to article on your best practice!

Conference 2016 Task Force.  The VIVO 2016 Conference Task Force is forming.  If you'd like to help with any aspect of conference planning, please contact Julia Trimmer to volunteer.

Grid Data.  This week Digital Sciences made available the Global Research Identifier Database (GRID), containing curated data on over 48,000 organizations participating in research world-wide.  The data is available without charge for download and reuse under a Creative Commons license. The data contains, names, addresses and geolocation of universities, research institutes, funding organizations, hospitals and other organizations participating in world research.  You may wish to consider how this resource might best be used in and with VIVO.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director