Roadmap Survey is open. The VIVO Roadmap Survey is open and available here:  I hope you will find the time this week to respond to the survey.  Input from the community is critical for identifying features of importance to you and your organization.

Forming Task forces. We'd like you to consider asking for volunteers for your task forces as they are being considered and before a charter is finalized.  If you have an idea for a task force, and have discussed it with some people who might join, please send a note to the VIVO listservs asking for additional volunteers to join.  I'll be able to help promote your new task force after you have asked the community for participation.  In this way, we hope to provide several opportunities for people to learn of new task forces, and provide additional diversity and strength of participation for each task force.  You will also note that each task force has a status indictor at the top of its home page in the wiki indicating whether the task force is forming, active, nearing completion or complete.  This should help all of us keep track of all the great work being done by the task force members.  See Task Forces in the Wiki for updated instructions on forming and conducting a task force, and home pages for each of the current task forces.  

Outreach and Engagement Work Group calls starting.  As reported previously, the Outreach and Engagement workgroup, co-chaired by Julia Trimmer of Duke and Kristi Holmes of Northwestern, will be restarting its regular call series beginning Tuesday, July 21 at 1 PM Eastern.  See Outreach and Engagement Interest Group for call details.  All are welcome.

Nominations for Steering Group.  We are receiving nominations for the Steering Group.  Five members will join the current Steering Group.  See VIVO Steering Group for the work of the Steering Group, including minutes of each of their weekly meetings.  See 2015 Procedure for Adding Members to the Steering Group for details of the nominations and elections.  To make a nomination, please contact Mike Conlon.  Self nominations welcome.

I hope you will participate in the VIVO Roadmap Survey.  Should take 30 minutes or so.  The survey gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts about the future of VIVO and contribute to the development of the VIVO roadmap.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director