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June 26, 2015, 1 PM EST


Steering Group Members

Dean B. KrafftPaul Albert

Ex officio

debra hanken kurtz ,  Mike Conlon (star)

(star)= note taker


Jon Corson-RikertRobert H. McDonaldMelissa HaendelKristi HolmesJonathan Markow

Dial-In Number:  (209) 647-1600, Participant code: 117433#


1Review Updates5 minAllSee below
2SHARE10 minDebraCenter for Open Science, SHARE, SHARE Notify

VIVO in a Networked Research EcoSystem (NetRES) taskforce - Kristi unable to attend, discussion tabled until next call.

15 min

KristiSee VIVO in a Networked Research EcoSystem (NetRES)
4Fall seminar series10 minMike 
6Next Meeting5 minAllNo meeting July 3. Next meeting July 10 (Mike out).


  1. Updates
    1. Working group leads should have been invited to this meeting.  This was an oversight by Mike.  Mike will improve reminder processes to insure inclusion of working group leads every four weeks.  Here are the dates for the meetings including working group leads through the end of 2015:
      1. July 24
      2. August 21
      3. September 18
      4. October 16
      5. November 13
      6. December 11
    2. Tech lead.  Offer has been made.  Discussions underway.  Expect result this week.
    3. Steering Group.  Four nominations received.  Please encourage additional nominations.
    4. Roadmap process.  MC was on the Implementation and Development call this week discussing the roadmap process.  
    5. Membership drive.  Had call on Tuesday.  13 attendees from leadership and steering.  Reviewed prospects.  Volunteers to contact prospects.  Next steps:  Mike and Val Hollister will improve the prospect list.  Mike will update the VIVO "pitch letter" used to introduce prospects to membership and ask for a phone call.
    6. MC invited to a Dagstuhl seminar, July 20-24.  Alex Garcia organizer, Carol Goble, Hal Warren, 25 others.  Identity, semantics, representation in the behavioral sciences.
    7. Two VIVO related NIH X02 proposals were submitted to NCATS this week.
    8. Staff changes at the USDA.  Will need to follow up to identify new contacts.
    9. Dave Eichmann (University of Iowa) is pooling VIVO data from 58 vivo-compatible systems.  See table at end of notes
  2. SHARE is a joint effort of the ALR and the APLU.  Debra is on a work group with Alex Viggio to write a white paper on best practices for collecting and sharing scholarship information.  This is expected to be positive for VIVO.
  3. The NetRes task force was launched this week with members and a charter.  The task force was announced in VIVO Updates on June 21. The task force membership is open. Concern was expressed regarding the creation of this task force and the manner in which members were included. Steering discussed responsibilities of those forming the task force for soliciting members and recommended that the suggestion that a task force is forming be done by the proposed leaders to the various email lists.  Subsequent second notice in VIVO updates is welcome.  In the end, task forces are voluntary and participation is voluntary.  Our best experts may not be available to participate and may wish to review materials as they are produced and advise as they are able - but everyone should be made aware of task forces as they are forming so that anyone who wishes may participate.  The formation of task forces is recognized as organic.  There is no "approval" other than the requirement that at least three organizations be involved.  Task forces will be marked as active or forming for clarity.  Additional instruction will be provided in the How to Form a Task Force page.
  4. Fall webinar series.  Duraspace has begun planning for a three part fall webinar series regarding VIVO.  Mike suggested three seminars: First, an introductory seminar.  Provide an overview of VIVO, the software, the community, the ontology.  Purpose and value proposition.  Very similar to the seminars given to SURA prior to their decision to move forward with pilots.  Second, a webinar on using VIVO to assess research impact.  The VIVO view of research impact, Becker model, domains of impact, use of VIVO.  This second seminar provides a fully conceived use case for VIVO.  Third, a webinar on VIVO technology.  The software, the system stack and architecture, the ontology, including description of approach, how to participate, issues, sprints, and tools.
  5. Next meeting.  There will be no meeting on July 3 due to the holiday.  Mike will be unable to attend the meeting of July 10.

    Table of sites included in the VIVO search site at the University of Iowa.  All sites are producing VIVO compatible data.  All sites are reachable via the web.  58 sites total.  29 sites are Clinical and Translational Science Award sites (CTSA).  Another 29 are not.  SciVal is the former name for PURE.  CAP is the local Stanford system.  Loki is the local Iowa system.  LatticeGrid is the local Northwestern system.

    SciVal and VIVO415

Action Items

  • Mike will improve processes for insuring inclusion of the work group leads every four weeks
  • Mike will improve the materials regarding task force formation to include a call for members
  • Mike will schedule an adhoc meeting to further discuss the task force item
  • Mike will insure that all task forces are marked with appropriate status – forming, active, complete