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The group met by email throughout the week
  • Paul Friedman of Northwestern has joined the group.  Mike and Paul discussed a new flyer for VIVO.  Mike and Carol has considered a new flyer, Mike and produced some mock-ups, and draft content.  Carol had drafted a new layout.  Paul will take the work to a complete first draft.
  • A list of issues tracking the work needed to complete the site is available View the DWP (Duraspace Web Properties) and select open issues for the VIVO Component.  2 new issues this week.  17 open issues total.  Nine additional issues have been closed
  • Three videos (approximately 90 seconds each) will be needed for the site:
    • Opening video will describe VIVO.  This be an edited version of the Duraspace video Quickbyte already available on YouTube.
    • An ontology video describing the value of data representation for sharing
    • An application video showing VIVO being used to improve scholarship at a major university