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11:00 am Eastern time


  • The next call falls during the Implementation Fest, which some of the participants may be attending, Jon will be there and Brian will be otherwise out of town. Shall we shift the next call to May 9th or May 23rd?
  • The target freeze date for release 1.5 is June 15. Do we want to aim for resolution of all 1.5 current open issues in the Jira Ontology component?
  • Updates, issues, questions or feedback from sites
  • VIVOONT-435 (Class(es) needed for citation count?)
    • I've added a diagram to the Jira issue of SPARs modeling in this area. Proposed to add these terms to VIVO core, with possible modifications to account for the domain of hasGlobalCitationFrequency and the date?
  • VIVOONT-373 (How to represent that a person is 1) on leave 2) no longer with the institution)
    • for the on leave part of this, we need to determine:
      • whether this can go in core: a) is it sensitive information b) is it of general applicability for the vivo core model
      • select a design recommendation: (the first is simpler; the second allows for a more rich representation of the leave)
        • 1) object property onLeave (possible subproperty onSabbatical) with a range of DateTimeInterval
        • 2) a LeaveOfAbsence class that may have a subclass of Sabbatical and an object property associated with Position by restriction and with a range of Leave. Leave could have a description, dateTimeInterval and be related to other organizations.
    • for the no longer with the institution part would this be best modeled as not assigning a type of weill's internal institutional class to those people? The internal institutional class is a class in a site-specific local extension, which could be named at the most general level , e.g. weill:WeillEntity (so asserted in conjunction with all types of VIVO core classes), or at a more specific level, e.g. weill:WeillAgent or weill:WeillPerson. You can then configure menu pages to display only individuals that have this type (those individuals would have a vivo core type also). Also, in the DB those people would presumably either not have a position or have a position with an end date in the past.

Call-in Information

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Dial +1 (646) 558-2103
Access Code: 956-365-752
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Meeting ID: 956-365-752

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