Jeff, Dave, Nancy, Steven, Kevin


Simeon, Christine

ACTION ITEMS (From Last Time):

    • TODO: (Hold until editing is complete.) Simeon and Steven can work on this. Update 0.1 to 1 when ready.
    • TODO: (Hold until editing is complete.) LOC 

Agenda & Notes

  • Proofreading
    • 2024-01-22
    •  2024-01-08
      • Christine will work on a list of changes, Nancy will start to approve
      • Entity Provider/Consumer, capitalize everywhere? 
      • Term definitions
      • Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM), can we remove Galleries? Yes. (sorry galleries)
      • 4.1 Clarify intention, we need one of those types to hedge bets, Add is for things previously not in the stream, but already existed.
        • TODO - This instance of Create in second para of 4.1 should be changes to code font

    •  2023-12-18
      • Going forward, try to focus on light touch, discussion if needed, but lets not reopen large issues.
      • Section 1.2.
        • TODO (Simeon) to move general information in 1.2.1 to 1.2
        • TODO Change label of 1.2.1 to "Change Tracking"
        • TODO Change "A consumer may decide to make a full cache of a dataset of entity metadata." to A consumer may decide to make a cache of a dataset of full entity metadata." Add language about select entity caching based on entities referenced in local bibliographic data.
      • Section 1.3.3 (TODO Remove "These often affect just one Entity but in some cases more than one Entity may be affected by related changes that are reflected in multiple sequenced Activities." (More complex scenarios are addressed later in the spec)
      • Use to read the spec.
      • Use to make edits.
        • Steven and Simeon can approve commits.
  • Plan for remaining work for this phase.
  • Follow on work
    • 2024-01-08
      • Version URI
        • Do we want on a non-version URI?
        • Version by major version, e.g 1.0 (term/context would be /1).
          • Use this, and make sure changes are made to spec and LOC implementation before communicating
        • Minor version (not considering)
        • Should keep different versions, are we keeping 0.1? Is infrastructure able to support this.
        • Follow pattern, starting with 1.0.
      • Communication via lists
        • TODO -  Steven - write up an announcement, fold in that fact that LOC is implementing, don't share until changes have been made to 1.0
          • LC BF list, LD4 Slack General Channel, our own channel
          • Direct contact with Data Providers
            • Jeff will socialize with OCLC
            • Steven will share with SVDE and Getty
            • Steven will share with Homosaurus
            • ISNI, Christine will ask around.
      • Watching the repository
    • 2023-12-04 Socializing the Spec Options
      • (extended CFP 2023-12-11, virtual)
      • BF in Europe 2024
      • IIIF lightning talk?
      • ALA CORE Sessions, Linked Data Interest Group, March 2024 (virtual)
        • Jeff will be working with the group on a CFP this week, format likely open depending on submissions, good forum for consumers. (Simeon and Steven)

Meeting Materials


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