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This Week

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  • Review proposed activity streams document
  • Review SPARQL update queries document
  • Identify and review existing approaches
  • Discuss pros and cons of various approaches

Meeting Materials


Recording: Activity Streams - Activity Types - Initial Exploration (2021-08-02)


Notes were taken directly in the working documents.  See meeting materials for links.

Future Topics

  • Notification to a single institution when a requested entity that was missing becomes available.  This will likely be outside the main change management stream.
  • Value of diagraming to express changes as a means of conveying information around where data is being produced, where it goes, etc.
  • Partial splits and partial merges.


Lynette Rayle

Jim Hahn

Dave Eichmann
Steven Folsom
Tiziana Possemato
Greg Reeve
Vitus Tang
Emma Thomson


Christine Eslao
Nancy Fallgren
Kevin Ford
John Graybeal
Kirk Hess
Jesse Lambertson
Anna Lionetti

Amanda Sprochi

Alessandra Moi

Erik Radio
Lynn Ransom

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