This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


SeaDragon is a viewer available for Book/Newspaper Pages and Large Images. The Djatoka TileSource for Seadragon is based in spirit from the JS component of Instead of "synthesizing" the info for DZI this module creates the path to access Djatoka directly and obtain different regions for the tiles.

Reverse proxy config: We make the assumption that we (reverse) proxy Djatoka, to fix the same-origin issue.

For Apache, with Drupal running on the same box as Apache, a couple lines like:

ProxyPass /adore-djatoka http://localhost:8080/adore-djatoka
ProxyPassReverse /adore-djatoka http://localhost:8080/adore-djatoka

in the Apache config somewhere (either the main apache.conf, httpd.conf, or in and arbitrarily named *.conf in your Apache's conf.d directory should suffice to establish the reverse proxy.

In Debian derived systems one will need to create location entries for each proxy or remove the Deny from All in mod_proxy's conf file.

Dependencies modules:


It is assumed that the core OpenSeadragon Javascript is put into sites/all/libraries/openseadragon. Openseadragon .9.129 is known to work well with Islandora. The most current version breaks the Islandora integration, which will be addressed in the future. The correct version for Islandora can be obtained from here:

There is a conditional dependency on the islandora_paged_content module, but this should not require any additional actions from the user as the solution packs that use the feature requiring the islandora_paged_content module include it in their depency lists.


Set the paths for 'Djatoka server base URL' and configure OpenSeadradon in Administration » Islandora » OpenSeadragon (admin/islandora/module).



Having problems or solved a problem? Check out the Islandora google groups for a solution.

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