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The Islandora Paged Content module is required by the Book Solution Pack and Newspaper Solution Pack modules, to provide numbered, individual pages as objects. This module takes files in TIFF format, and is able to create several kinds of derivatives depending on the type of collection they are being ingested into. Solution Packs that use the Paged Content module are referred to below under 'Provisions'.



Install in Ubuntu/Debian with sudo apt-get install poppler-utils



Release Notes and Downloads


Adding a collection that uses the Paged Content module (such as Book and Newspaper Solution Pack) adds a new button to the end of the 'Manage' tab - 'Book', for the Book Solution Pack, and 'Newspaper' for the Newspaper Solution Pack, for example. It also adds a 'Page' button to the 'Manage' tab of any page objects added to a Paged Content collection.

Clicking on the "Manage" button of a page object will bring up several options, depending on what components of the module are selected and enabled:

  • Create PDF - This section includes the ability to create either a single page PDF if selected from a single page's 'Manage' tab, or a PDF of an entire Paged Content collection if selected from the collection's 'Manage' tab. The resolution of the image can also be set here. Creating a PDF will overwrite any existing PDF datastream.
  • Perform OCR - This section includes the ability to create OCR datastreams for a single page if selected from that page's 'Manage' tab, or OCR datastreams for an entire Paged Content collection if selected if selected from the collection's 'Manage' tab. If multiple languages are installed into Tesseract, the option to switch between them will also be given here. Creating new OCR datastreams will overwrite any existing ones.
  • Create Images - This section adds the option to create image derivatives if the Large Image Solution Pack is installed. Any existing image derivatives will be overwritten if this is used. If this option is selected from a Paged Content collection, the option will be given to create a thumbnail image for the collection from the first ordered page, updating and overwriting any existing thumbnail.
  • Edit OCR - This allows you to manually edit the OCR datastream.

You can also perform these actions against a batch of Page objects, and also Reorder Pages and Delete Pages, from the "Manage" > "Book" tab of a Book object:

You can also perform these actions against a batch of Page objects, and also Reorder PagesDelete Pages, and alter the Page Progress from the "Manage" > "Issue" tab of a Newspaper object:


Few configuration options exist for the Paged content module out-of-the-box. Most of the configuration is associated with the relevant, dependent solution pack (Book or Newspaper). The configuration page at Administration > Islandora > Solution pack configuration > Paged Content Module (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/paged_content) has the following options:


PDF Derivative Settings

Enter the path to the Ghostscript executable here. This will allow multi-page PDFs to be compiled using each page in the book or newspaper. More information about installing Ghostscript on your server can be found at the official project website,

There is also an option to set the page label to the page's sequence number. On ingest, each page's label will be set to its sequence number. When reordering pages, all of the page labels will be updated with the new sequence numbers.

SOLR Results

The Paged Content Module also allows you to filter individual page objects from your search results.  If you use this option, you will want to make sure you enable the "Aggregate OCR?" option when ingesting your book.  That appends a consolidated OCR datastream to the book object, which allows it to be searched and returned.


Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Paged Content Solution Pack comes with the following objects in

  • Islandora Page Content Model (islandora:pageCModel)

A page image ingested into a Paged Content collection using ImageMagick, the Large Image Solution Pack and the Islandora OCR modules, will have the following datastreams:


Original TIFF or JP2 file uploaded


Dublin Core record


PDF derivative created by Ghostscript


JPEG 2000 derivative created by ImageMagick or Kakadu

JPGSmaller JPEG derivative created by ImageMagick
TNThumbnail icon created from the image during the ingest process
RELS-INTInternal Fedora relationship metadata defining the dimensions of the JP2 datastream
OCRThe raw output from Tesseract
HOCRA converted version of the OCR datastream, intended to be more human-readable
RELS-EXTDefault Fedora relationship metadata

The Paged Content Solution Pack does not come with any forms.

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