This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

Enabling the MARCXML Module will add new options on ingesting or viewing an object.

Using MARCXML on Single-Item Ingest

1. Add an object to a collection.

2. After selecting a Content Model and Form, the next step will present the option to browse for a MARCXML record to associate with your object:

To skip uploading a MARCXML file and fill out the ingest form instead, click Next instead of browsing for a MARCXML file.


3. The MODS ingest form you selected will be pre-populated with data from your MARC record. You can add or edit information as desired. All data will be saved as a MODS record, and the MARCXML file you uploaded will be discarded.

Viewing MARC and Downloading MARCXML

All objects with a MODS datastream will also be viewable as a MARC record. This record can be downloaded as MARC XML.

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