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The Collection Manager module incorporates a number of administrative functions in a single management tab. Enabling the module will create a Manage This Collection tab in each of your collections, which provides the following functions:

  • Create Child Collection: Add a new collection in the current collection by specificying a name, PID, Namespace, and one or more content models.
  • Manage Collection Policies: Add or remove content models associated with the current collection.
  • Change Content Models: Choose a content model already used by objects in this collection and a new content model to associate with said objects. This could prove useful if, for example, you wanted to replace an existing content model with a modified version, but you don't want to change the associations one object at a time.
  • Permanently Delete All Members of <Collection>: Purge all objects in the current collection (and optionally purge the collection object itself). This function can be dangerous, and as such it has its own special permission setting and multiple confirmation steps.


How to Create a New Islandora Collection

How to Manage Collection Policies

How to Change Content Models

How to Purge All Objects From a Collection

Dependencies modules:

  • Islandora Repository
  • Islandora Content Model Forms
  • Islandora XML Forms 
  • Islandora XML Form API 
  • Islandora XML Form Builder 
  • Islandora XML Form Elements 
  • Islandora XML Schema API
  • Objective Forms
  • PHP Lib 
  • Tabs modules:

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