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This documentation covers the latest release of Islandora 7.x. For the very latest in Islandora, we recommend Islandora 8.


Islandora Solution Packs are Drupal modules offering custom Content Model Objects, Workflows, and Ingest Forms. Solution Packs can be downloaded from the Release Notes and Downloads page.

Solution Packs present a starting point for users with particular types of data, such as books or audio files. A solution pack will allow users to ingest and edit a particular type of content, including derivatives and metadata. A solution pack also provides a default empty collection for users, configured for that type of content.

You may combine solution packs together in collection objects to create collections of mixed data. Solution Packs can also be edited, extended, and customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Most Solution Packs support integration with other server-side applications and Drupal modules, which you must install in order to use their additional functionality

The following Solution Packs are Available:


Please see individual solution pack pages for details.

General Solution Pack Configuration

Solution packs are Drupal modules. For any solution pack you wish to use, make sure you have installed the dependencies outlined in the documentation for that module, and any required Drupal modules, before installing the Solution Pack module. For information about how to install Drupal modules, please see Installing Contributed Modules (Drupal 7) on

As of Islandora 7.x-1.3, all solution packs make use of the print hook, which will add a "print" button to collection and object pages. This button can be toggled on or off at Administration  »  Islandora.

What file types can be used with each solution pack?

Basic Image

  • File types: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Display: Users can view a smaller version of the image on the object's View tab, or click the image to view it full-size in their browser.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: A JPG thumbnail derivative and a medium-sized JPG access derivative. 

Large Image

  • File types: TIFF and JP2 (see note)
  • Display: Images display in the Open Seadragon viewer, a pan-and-zoom interface that allows for the "clipping" of the currently viewed portion of the image.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: A lossless JPEG2000 of the original TIFF image; JPEG2000 image "tiles" generated on demand for the zoom and clip functions; a JPG thumbnail derivative, and a medium-sized JPG access derivative.
  • Note: Islandora supports only JPEG2000 "Part 1" files, typically with the extension JP2.  "Part 2" files, with the extended color map and other options, are not supported (typically with the extension JPX).


  • File types: PDF
  • Display: A JPG preview of the first page of the PDF shows on the View tab. Clicking the preview loads the PDF in the browser window. Default installations of Islandora 7.x do not include a separate PDF viewer.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: A JPG thumbnail derivative; a medium-sized JPG preview derivative; extracted full-text when available. Full text is generally able to be extracted from "born digital PDFs" created from a MS Word document or other system. Full text can also be extracted from PDFs of scanned physical documents that have OCR embedded.


  • File types: MP3, WAV recommended; others are possible
  • Display: Two players are available for audio: JWPlayer or video.js. For audio files, a default icon will show in the "video" portion of the player.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: A proxy mp3 is created for playback in the browser. This mp3 is medium-quality.


  • File types: MP4 recommended; others are possible
  • Display: Two players are available for video: JWPlayer or video.js. A system-created thumbnail extracted from the video displays in the player before you press play.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: A MP4 derivative for playback; a JPG thumbnail extracted from a frame of the video.


  • File types: TIFF and JP2 page images, or a PDF of an entire book that Islandora will disassemble into page images.
  • Display: The display of the entire book uses the Internet Archive book reader, which has controls for paging through the book, zooming into details on an individual page, and searching the book contents.  Individual book pages can also be viewed using the same pan-and-zoom interface as the Large Image content model.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is performed on each page of the book, and the resulting text is stored as a datastream and indexed by the search system.


  • File types: Any combination of other content models.
  • Display: The first of the sequence of objects is displayed, with a list of the other objects in the compound object in a sidebar and Next and Previous links to navigate through the associated objects.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: None


  • File types: TIFF and JP2 page images, or a PDF of an entire book that Islandora will disassemble into page images.
  • Display: Individual issues are listed in a year-and-month selection display.  The issues themselves are displayed in the Internet Archive bookreader with the same controls as the Book content model.
  • System-Generated Derivatives: Same as the Book content model.

Solution Packs and Content Models

Solution packs provide the following content models. The PIDs are provided here for reference.

Solution PackContent Model NameContent Model PID
CollectionIslandora Collection Content Modelislandora:collectionCModel
ImageIslandora Basic Image Content Modelislandora:sp_basic_image
Large ImageIslandora Large Image Content Modelislandora:sp_large_image_cmodel
PDFIslandora PDF Content Modelislandora:sp_pdf
AudioIslandora Audio Content Modelislandora:sp-audioCModel
VideoIslandora Video Content Modelislandora:sp_videoCModel
BookIslandora Internet Archive Book Content Modelislandora:bookCModel
BookIslandora Page Content Modelislandora:pageCModel
NewspaperIslandora Newspaper Content Modelislandora:newspaperCModel
NewspaperIslandora Newspaper Issue Content Modelislandora:newspaperIssueCModel
NewspaperIslandora Newspaper Page Content Modelislandora:newspaperPageCModel
CompoundIslandora Compound Object Content Modelislandora:compoundCModel
EntityIslandora Entity Content Modelislandora:entityCModel
EntityIslandora Event Content Modelislandora:eventCModel
EntityIslandora Place Content Modelislandora:placeCModel
EntityIslandora Person Content Modelislandora:personCModel
EntityIslandora Organization Content Modelislandora:organizationCModel
Disk ImageIslandora Disk Image Content Modelislandora:sp_disk_image
Web ArchiveIslandora Web ARChive Content Modelislandora:sp_web_archive
ScholarCitation Content Modelir:citationCModel
ScholarThesis Content Modelir:thesisCModel

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