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This documentation covers the latest release of Islandora 7.x. For the very latest in Islandora, we recommend Islandora 8.

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The Islandora Collection Solution Pack implements a the collection content model as an Islandora object, allowing users to create and manage collections and their contents. 


NOTE! This module is required for Islandora to work as expected.

Without the Islandora Collection Solution Pack, end-users will not be able to create new collections.


NOTE: The collection solution pack requires that the resource index is enabled in Fedora, as it does all of its queries using the resource index.


Release Notes and Downloads


Information about basic usage of collection objects can be found throughout the Getting Started with Islandora section of the Islandora documentation.


Configuration options for the Collection Solution Pack can be found at

Display Generation Options

The Collection Solution Pack gives you multiple options when it comes to configuring how the children of a collection should be sorted and displayed in the parent collection view. Choose from one of the following options:

SPARQL (Legacy)

'SPARQL (Legacy)' is the default option, and uses a simple SPARQL query to find the children of the current collection and sorts them in alphabetical order by object label.


This option is similar to 'SPARQL (Legacy)' but has the ability to provide additional bits of metadata to the display when the 'Display object metadata' option at the bottom of the form is selected. 


This option will require additional configuration elements when selected:

Additionally, like the 'SPARQL' option discussed above, the 'Solr' option has the ability to provide additional bits of metadata to the display when the 'Display object metadata' option at the bottom of the form is selected. 

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Collection Solution Pack comes with the following objects in

  • Islandora Collection Content Model (islandora:collectionCModel)

A collection created using the Basic Collection Solution Pack's content model will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata


The collection's policies regarding applied content models and membership


Thumbnail icon


Dublin Core record

MODSMODS metadata record

The Collection Solution Pack comes with the Collection MODS form. 


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  1. The screenshot shows the Book SP admin options, not the Collection SP admin options.

    Also, some features of the Collection SP aren't documented here, like the "Solr Collection Sort String" option. In particular, the help text in the sort field, "One or more non-multivalued Solr fields to sort by when using the Solr collection query backend.", doesn't indicate how to use multiple fields to sort - comma separated, space separated, how to use 'asc' and 'desc' with multiple fields.