The University of Virginia Library uses a custom front-end for a Fedora 3.2.1 repository storing digital collections created circa 2000-2006. Holdings are about 180 GB of Early American Fiction, Modern English, and images of local Art & Architecture. The repository holds high definition images and provenance metadata for preservation. Images are discoverable through the Library’s Virgo general portal and web-accessible derivatives are served through the Library’s IIIF server and viewer. In addition to supporting preservation, the repository is the source of high definition image orders, of which the Library receives around a dozen per week. In her letter of commitment, Robin Ruggaber, Director of Strategic Technology Initiatives & Partnerships, notes: “Our experience is that migration tooling and early testing are critical to the success of community wide migration, stabilization of the repository platform, and sustainability of the project.” The Library has adequate local server capacity to manage the migration.


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