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Time: 11:00am Eastern Time (US)

Please see calendar invite for Zoom link.


  1. Este Pope
  2. Jennifer Vinopal
  3. Scott Prater
  4. Peter Winckles
  5. Jared Whiklo
  6. Ben Pennel
  7. Dan Coughlin
  8. Robin Ruggaber
  9. Jennifer Gilbert
  10. Arran Griffith


  1. Ensure alignment between Committer and Leadership teams on technical priorities/direction
  2. Establish process/expectations for production release



  1. Introductions
  2. Leadership/Governance updates?
  3. Technical updates since previous meeting
    1. Pilot Testing
    2. Integrations
      1. Islandora
      2. Valkyrie
      3. S3
    3. Technical issues encountered since beta
    4. Software updates since beta 2
    5. Updates planned before release
  4. Final plans for Production Release 


Governance & Business Model sub-group update

  • Wanted to know more details on IDC with LYRASIS
  • Meeting notes from last sub-group meeting:
  • Robert and Laurie offered to prepare proposal to present with different options for services we can pick and choose from
    • Want to be able to better manage costs in a way that is more transparent for us
  • Lead to deeper conversation surrounding what Fedora needs for future beyond 6.0
    • Want to bring this discussion to next Leaders meeting because we want to involve more of the community
  • Want to bring the fiscal sponsor info brought to Leaders meeting

Este: API vs software - want to hear more from others about their thoughts (esp. committers)

    • Maybe need to bring this in a better format and decide how best to have this discussion and how to gather info

Communication Sub-Group

  • Trying to promote and outreach to community surrounding Fedora 6.0
  • Will be releasing a new image that represents the progress we've made toward Fedora 6.0
  • Will also be hosting a launch party for the release of Fedora 6.0

Tech Update

  • Speed/performance issues in the process of being worked on
  • Jared wants to ensure the communication is clear about why the performance is a little slower (and only slower comparatively so)
  • OCFL is not as fast as ModeShape was, but that is a blanket statement and maybe we need to set some new expectations and level set people's understanding of performance
    • Need to present the importance of preservation aspect and its a trade off between a slightly smaller performance vs protection of objects
    • It is still very fast, but when you are bulk ingesting it is not as fast comparatively speaking
  • Camel toolbox - depends on how many members of the community need/want it
    • Sprint may not take place in the time frame it was initially set up
    • Want to include this because if there are going to be performance related issues, then you can still use things like SolR indexing to search
  • Are we stuck on “end of June” proper for release?
    • This would give us over a month to finish up everything that is left outstanding
    • Peter and Jared feel this is a reasonable 
      • Will be things left after the fact, but this should be attainable
    • Scott & Este think this seems solid especially coming to most institution’s fiscal year end
      • Want to put out something performant and stable even if it takes time
    • If we save ourselves 5ish weeks for release candidate testing
    • That would set release candidate on may 31st

Proposed Time Line for Release(conservative):

Now-May 30 - continue to finish off WIP items and low hanging fruit

May 31 - cut release candidate

  • 2-3 week testing phase post-candidate release
  • 2 week buffer period in case things come up during the testing phase

July 2 - Production Release

Action Items 

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date