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Time: 11:00am Eastern Time (US)

Please see calendar invite for Zoom link.


  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Oliver Schöner
  3. Melissa Anez
  4. Robin Lindley Ruggaber 
  5. Peter Winckles
  6. Raman Ganguly 
  7. Jared Whiklo
  8. Scott Prater
  9. David Wilcox
  10. Jennifer Gilbert
  11. Kathryn Michaelis
  12. Este Pope 
  13. Arran Griffith
  14. Rosalyn Metz
  15. Ben Pennell
  16. Dan Coughlin 


  1. Ensure alignment between Committer and Leadership teams on technical priorities/direction
  2. Establish process/expectations for beta release
  3. Establish process/expectations for production release



  1. Introductions
  2. Leadership/Governance updates?
  3. Technical updates since previous meeting
  4. Final plans for Beta release
    1. Criteria (see below)
    2. Timing 
    3. Performance Criteria
  5. Production Release Process

Beta Criteria

  1. Feature complete
  2. Included Fixes / Optimizations
    1. Fix API test suite fails (Indirect Containers, State tokens, etc)
    2. (tick) Containment for Mementos
    3. (tick) Minimal Search Service UI
    4. (tick) Performant rebuild
    5. (tick) Side-loading with Object Validation/ target rebuild 
    6. (tick) Object Locking
    7. (tick) Session Rollback
  3. Documentation
    1. Documented API compliance of Beta
    2. Documented missing features of Beta
    3. Documented breaking changes of Beta
    4. Documented upgrade process for Beta

Post Beta / Pre-Production Release Testing

  1. Validation tool for F3→F6 migrations
  2. Islandora integration
  3. Samvera integration
  4. Documented performance criteria for 6.0 release
    1. Scale
    2. Response times under load
    3. Migration rates
    4. Performant S3 integration 


  1. Introductions
    1. Andrew is leaving us;
    2. Danny to take on more of Andrew's work;
    3. Round of introductions
  2. Leadership/Governance updates?
    1. Steering is beginning to think about fiscal planning, membership revenue, etc. in advance of the new fiscal year.
    2. Leaders meeting is coming up next month.
  3. Technical updates since previous meeting
    1. we've had two alpha releases; sprints every month
    2. we are feature complete
    3. february will have a two week sprints; polish the alphas, do a little more testing, prepare for beta release.
    4. validation tool is still ongoing, but that should be finished soon.
  4. Final plans for Beta release
    1. Criteria – any questions?
      1. targeted rebuild: the idea of being able to reindex a specific object; this is a future want, we need to create a more detailed list of things that need doing to be translated from the Jira into a prioritized list.
    2. Timing – aim to finish the sprint at the end of february with a beta release in the month of february. plan is to have a validation tool sufficiently developed to help with migration process.
  5. Post-Beta Performance Criteria – please add to the Documented performance criteria for 6.0 release so that Fedora knows what to target for the final release. DEADLINE: MONDAY FEBRUARY 8th
    1. Existing Criteria: Scale, Response times under load, Migration rates, Performant S3 integration
  6. Production Release Process
    1. We have a small terraform project that will allow you to deploy fedora to the cloud using whichever database you use (but the suggestion is to use Postgres as that seems to be the most performant)
    2. Danny Lamb has done testing with Islandora
    3. Samvera is likely to align against Valkyrie since there seems to be no appetite in the community to upgrade ActiveFedora to work with Fedora 6.
    4. Plan for the sprint is to look at reindex rates and identify what rates of reindex are.  Can we compare these to the numbers we had from Fedora 4 when Stefano migrated and documented numbers.
    5. Validation tool specification is what we are working towards for the validation tool.  Work is happening in the fcrepo-migration-validator repo.
    6. Timing – shooting for a migration in June, but depends on the criteria, but the June is the hope.

Action Items 

  • Danny Bernstein : consider creating a prioritized list of features for future development efforts using Jira as a jumping off point.
  • Danny Bernstein : create a page to collect data from the results of migrations (like a migration log).  Some of this data already exists.  would want information like time to migrate, time to build index.
  • ALL: add to the Documented performance criteria for 6.0 release  
  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date