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For many researchers, Google Scholar is the first entry point for finding scientific articles. Including collections of institutional repositories in Google Scholar search results provides instant worldwide visibility for these publications. This benefits authors, the scientific community as well as the institutions themselves.

In this webinar for the Ghanaian DSpace user group, Google Scholar Monica Westin will show how Google Scholar indexing works and what is required to ensure the inclusion of repositories. The webinar will cover the most common DSpace repository indexing issues, how they can be identified and resolved, and how to check the coverage of your repository in Google Scholar. 
At the end there will be a question and answer session for the participants.

The webinar will be in English.

When: June 18, 2019 - 12:00pm GMT


Slides: DSpace Ghana_ Google Scholar indexing 

Recording: Video




Where can we find the recording of this meeting

it will be added here

Will the presentation be made available to us

Yes, we will email it to you and it will also be available here

We have thumbnails for our items. Does it have any problems with indexing?

Does the Dspace versions affect visibility of the repository?

Do you have to re-apply if you happen to suffer a long outage?

We have lots of files in our site but our ranking shows we have less

Does scholar have anything to do with Webometrics ranking?

Please  how often do we need to update Dspace versions?

The more up to date you are, the better. A couple of weeks ago there was the preview release of DSpace 7 (see below)

What is cause regularly new version of DSpace?

Any new release brings bug fixing and updates and new features too.

Is there any good tutorial out there for Dspace 7?

Introducing DSpace 7: (by Tim Donohue) - 

Getting Started with DSpace 7:

Basic Training

Advanced Training:

There will be additional training materials soon, you can take a look at the general DSpace WIKI for updates:

DSpace Release 7.0 Status

Re upgrades to DSpace:  Ashesi has its IR hosted and managed by DuraSpace, but the version is still 5.**  Any comments

You should be able to upgrade to the latest stable version of DSpace

Maybe I should be clear that DuraSpace actually hosts and manages the Dspace software for Ashesi, and I have asked our contact about upgrading.  I guess I will do this again

Thanks Nina. Write me an email if you have any issue:

Sorry i joined late. But do you recommend full author names or abbreviations. eg Agbodza Henry instead of Agbodza H.?

I hope the Q&A will be part of the recording. Thanks


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