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DescriptionThis Virtual Community meeting is intended for the South African DSpace Users who responded to an online survey that was posted on the IRTalk mailing list during August 2019.

On 23 October 2019 Kathleen Shearer (COAR), Andrea Bollini (4Science) and Michele Mennielli (LYRASIS) will present updates about COAR, DSpace and Dspace CRIS.

The virtual meeting will also be the opportunity to launch a South African DSpace User Group.

The recording of the meeting will be made available after the call for the ones who won't be able to join us.

When: October23, 2019 - 3:00pm (SAST)




What do you do when item is showing only the collections it appears in?

Not sure about the question. If it is about an issue that you are hitting this guide can help you to trouble shot the problem or to ask for help providing additional information 

Troubleshoot an error

Guide to Posting Technical Questions to StackOverflow

Are there any resources to get started with getting involved in terms of contributing code to DSpace codebase?

Yes! lot of documentation exists on the DSpace wiki, details about each task are available in the JIRA tickets for the REST API and on the github issues for Angular. The workshop page from OR2019 is a good starting point to explore the available resources

OR2019 Getting Started with DSpace 7 Workshops

In terms of the Angular code, is it still on Angular 2?

We are on Angular 6 right now but the plan is to stay up-to-date as much as possible

If I am running on Angular CLI 8 will that work when I go through those exercises or should I downgrade?

For the time been you will need to downgrade but it would be great if you can help with the angular update. If interested please reach the angular dspace 7 developers on dspace slack in the #angular-ui channel

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