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Welcome to the DSpace Wiki! Please sign up and participate.

Although a few pages are 'locked' to prevent spamming, anyone who sign ups and creates an account can freely edit most of the DSpace Wiki. If you've forgotten your password, please visit the reset your password page.

This space is thought to make it easy for DSpace users in South Africa to share information about their activities, projects, events and ideas and to make them known to the global DSpace Community. In South Africa there are 37 installations and a vibrant community of users. This page and its sub-pages are the platform to coordinate the collaboration among South African institutions in order to facilitate discussions on Country specific themes and topics of interest.

1. Who is using DSpace in South Africa?

In the DuraSpace Registry there are information about the DSpace installations currently running in South Africa.

 Please take a moment to look for your Institution and check whether the information is correct. If your institution is missing, you can add it here:

2. How to communicate?

There are numerous ways to get in touch, both at a global level with the general DSpace Community and at the specific country level.

2.a. Mailing Lists

General and global DSpace lists

Globally, there are several public mailing lists that you can join, depending on your particular interest:

National Mailing List

At the South African level is available a mailing list to discuss any idea and issue related to DSpace in South Africa and Open Access related topics, IRTalk:

2.b. National Wiki

There is an existing WIKI space that contains information about DSpace in South Africa and basic useful information:

That space is currently out of date, and mainly serves as a reference for the Stellenbosch University implementation. All the additional information will be shared using this new official WIKI space.

2.c. Slack

DSpace is using Slack as communication platform. Within slack there is a new channel for the South African DSpace User Group: #dspace-za . Please use this form to request to join the DSpace Slack channel. After joining the main DSpace Slack channel, just look for #dspace-za and add it to your list. 

3. Events

This section will show the events that will be organized specifically for the South African community of DSpace, both virtual and in person.


In person meetings

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