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Telling DSpace Stories Work Group (TDS)

Working group is retired.  Please see the DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group (2016-2020) for current DSpace marketing efforts.

 A Working Group of the DSpace Marketing Interest Group (DMIG)

Context: A key aspect of DSpace Marketing Interest Group efforts focus on growing our open source community and actively engaging its members. The Telling DSpace Stories Working Group of the DSpace Marketing Interest Group aims to increase interactions and build deeper connections between community members and institutions by creating and publishing stories about their DSpace repositories. The stories will be generated from information gathered as community members from one institution interview members from other institutions. The DSpace stories will be published widely throughout the DSpace and DuraSpace communities to raise awareness about the global impact and reach of DSpace open access repositories, while encouraging other community members to participate in telling their DSpace stories. 


  • Increase engagement of  DSpace community members through the familiar process of storytelling;

  • Develop more and deeper connections among and between DSpace community members and beyond; provide an avenue for community members to develop personal relationships;

  • Generate awareness, interest, and participation of the wider DSpace and open source community by providing information about the activities and accomplishments of DSpace community members and institutions;


  • Stories generated by the Telling DSpace Stories Working Group as published blog posts to publicize current community activities;

  • Guidelines including a basic story structure, links to examples of Stories and suggested interview questions;

  • Interview transcripts that may be interesting to readers and published in lieu of a DSpace Story;

  • Material for use in DuraSpace QuickBytes;

  • An archive of DSpace Stories that can be referenced by website visitors.

Suggested Schedule:


Time required for completion

Completion date/status

Develop Charge

4 weeks

In process


  • Publish completed DSpace story(s)

  • Add language to each story explaining 1) that this story is an ad hoc DSpace community activity and 2) how to participate in the activity (at the end of doc).  If so, go to (guidelines/template link) for instructions, and send the finished copy to Working Group leader

10 days

Outreach for more TDS Working Group participants

  • Send a press release to encourage participation, explain why we are doing this, include links to stories; aim is to engage four-five reporters for their help/membership, aim for three

  • Personal solicitation

4 weeks

Publish round 2 of DSpace Stories

  • Assign reporter(s)

  • Conduct interview(s)

  • Write 3-4 paragraph profile

1 week

Steering Group review and feedback

  • Use DSpace face-to-face meetings and events to get more people involved

After 2 published rounds of stories

Members: Bram Luyten, Kristi Park, Michele Menielli, Jonathan Markow

Facilitator: Carol Minton Morris

  • Marketing and Communications representative from DuraSpace (Carol Minton Morris)

  • 3 members solicited from the community in response to this proposal (the DSpace Working Group charter calls for 3 members that may be from different organizations to respond positively to the proposal and volunteer to work on it.).

  • Any other interested members from the DSpace community.

Communication Channels:

  • DSpace and DuraSpace selected internal and external mailing lists

  • Twitter and other social media channels

  • DSpace wiki

  • DuraSpace blog and publications

  • Other?

Meeting Agendas and Notes:

  • This Working Group will meet only if members request a meeting.

  • Solicitation for agenda items will commence 3 days before a meeting is held

  • An agenda will be published 2 days before a meeting is held by sending to Working Group members and posting on the DSpace wiki

  • Meeting Minutes must be published on the DSpace wiki so that they are publicly available
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