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The OR2020 conference was cancelled (and turned into a smaller gathering). Therefore, the below Workshops/Presentations **were never held**, however many have been resubmitted for the (virtual) OR2021 conference, see DSpace 7 at OR2021

DSpace 7 Workshops

The below DSpace workshops have been submitted as proposals and are NOT YET ACCEPTED.

"Getting Started with DSpace 7" Basic Workshop (1/2 day)

DSpace 7 Presentations

The below DSpace presentations have been submitted as proposals and are NOT YET ACCEPTED.

DSpace 7.0: Coming to a DSpace near you

DSpace 7 - Configurable Entities

  • Description:  This talk will do a deeper dive into the new Configurable Entities feature of DSpace 7, including how to configure custom object models for your DSpace.
    • This talk will be based on a similar one held at OR2019, but will be updated based on the 7.0 final release schedule (to be announced prior to OR2020)
  • Presenters: Lieven Droogmans
  • Proposal: OR2020-DSpace7-Configurable_Entities.docx

Other DSpace related tasks at OR2020

This section may include other DSpace-related talks proposed for OR2020.  Please feel free to add your own talks.

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