Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

The OR2019 conference was held in Hamburg, Germany from June 10-13, 2019. For more information see

DSpace 7 Workshops

The below DSpace workshops were held at the OR2019 conference.  Links to all slides and materials may be found below.  These sessions were not recorded.

"Getting Started with DSpace 7" Workshop (Two 1/2 day sessions)

"DSpace with Docker" Workshop (1/2 day session)

DSpace 7 Presentations

The below DSpace presentations were held at the OR2019 conference.  Links to all slides may be found below.  These talks were recorded, and recordings will be linked once they become available.

Introducing DSpace 7

DSpace 7 - The Power of Configurable Entities

DSpace 7 - Enhanced Submission & Workflow

DSpace 7 - Open for Integrations (REST API)

DSpace 7 - The Angular UI from a user’s perspective

DSpace 7 - Building High Quality Software via Best Practices (Developer Track)

Other DSpace related tasks at OR19

Besides DSpace 7 there were a lot of presentations about DSpace at OR19, there were multiple posters about DSpace (e.g. one showing an iPad app with the new DSpace 7 REST API).

This section is everything but complete. Please add your presentations here.

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