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Title (Goal)Merge duplicate items
Primary ActorAdministrator
LevelHigh level 
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

To allow administrators or user with adeguate permissions to merge two or more duplicate items in a single record a system dashboard listing potential duplicates and a merge tool need to be provided.

The merge tool should allow to

  • select which item should be keep online, the other should be withdrawn with a notice for redirection to the "merged item" 
  • count the statistics of the merged items as a whole
  • select which metadata keep from each items with smart defaults (ie metadata avaialble in only one item should be keep, conflict should be solved giving precedence to the keeped item or adding all the different values)
  • conflicting metadata values should be presented with a visual diff
  • select which bitstreams keep in place
  • select the owned collection and/or mapped collection

1 Comment

  1. related to Detect potential duplicates

    It is included in the development proposed for DSpace 7, see Submission/Workflow functionalities