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Title (Goal)Detect potential duplicates
Primary ActorEnd User | Reviewers | Administrators
ScopeDeposit process
LevelHigh level description
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

During the deposit process the system should alert the user about existent items that looks potential duplicate of the current submission. The user should be allowed to

  • complete the submission marking the suggested duplicate as fake positive or adding a note about why a duplicate need to be introduced (for instance it is a new version, some changes are required and the items need to be in the repository within a strictly timeline for reporting, etc.)
  • cancel the submission

The information provided by the submitter need to be available for the reviewers to make an appropriate decision. The reviewers should confirm the fake positive or flag the submission as merge required if they are not allowed to perform the merge theirself.

Administrators should have an overview of the potential duplicates in the system taking in account the information provided by both the submitter than the reviewers

1 Comment

  1. This use case is currently implemented in DSpace-CRIS (see the existent feature documentation in DSpace-CRIS ) and it is proposed for inclusion in DSpace 7 as part of the Submission wizard development