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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

This section is dedicated to the discussion about the submission/workflow backend functionalities to be implemented in DSpace 7

The University of Hasselt has started in June '17 a project to build a new backend module for DSpace to modernize and simplify the submission and the approval workflow. As result of an International Bid, 4Science has been selected as technical implementer of the solution that is proposed to be build on the ongoing DSpace 7 effort. The original announcement of this collaboration can be found here. For the benefit of the whole community it has been agreed that the design and development of these features will happen in the most public and transparent way sharing as early as possible any decision or proposal in order to receive any valuable feedback from the community. The ultimate goal is to use such project to develop the related functionalities in DSpace 7.

The deadline for the submission and workflow module for the Hasselt project is set to Autumn 2017

Priority are expressed from 1 (Higher) to 4 (nice to have). All priority 1 tasks and the majority of priority 2 tasks will be done by 4Science in the scope of the Hasselt project and timeline. The other tasks will be performed according to the available time, the implementation complexity and support from other institutions and developers.

Please note that all the effort is written just  to keep these pages accurate and up to date but nor 4Science nor the University of Hasselt assume any obligations about the tasks, the deadlines and the functionalities here described that could change during the execution on project needs.


The following functionalities will be discussed

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  1. Can you split up and organize these ideas as use cases, together with the other use cases at:

    Use Cases

    Without having them in the list, you may miss Outreach feedback on them.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have added links to these pages from the existent related use case and I'm going to create new dedicated use cases where appropriate. As we need a much more detailed description of the behaviour and the implementation approach as well as a comprensive description of connected functionalities (how the deposit process work as a whole avoiding fragmentation) we need to keep these pages in place to provide an overview of what is ongoing.

      Any help on double check that the use cases pages refers to these pages where appropriate and viceversa is hightly appreciated. Finally, we all need to remember that as soon as possible JIRA issues (for the REST part) and GitHub issues (for the angular part) should be open for any tasks that need to be accomplish for DSpace 7