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Developers Meeting on Thurs, June 27, 2024


 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).  Passcode: dspace

No meeting on Thursday, July 4 because of the USA Fourth of July holiday.  Tim Donohue will be out of the office from July 4-8, returning on Tuesday, July 9.



Current Work

Project Boards

To quickly find PRs assigned to you for review, visit  (This is also available in the GitHub header under "Pull Requests → Review Requests")

Goals for 8.0

This were decided by Steering in their meeting on June 28, 2023.

  1. Move forward major features which missed 7.x. 
    1. COAR Notify support (4Science & Harvard): 
      1. Development proposal page: Implementation of the COAR Notify protocol in DSpace 8
    2. OpenAIRE integration with notification broker/claim service (4Science)
    3. Porting "REST-Based Quality Control Reports" from old REST API to new one. (U of Laval, Canada)
    4. Duplicate Detection in Submission ported from DSpace-CRIS (The Library Code)
  2. Include new features which empower users in the admin UI.  Make things easier for Admins.
  3. Accepting community contributions of any 6.x features which missed 7.x
  4. Improve documentation, training to allow for greater community contributions.  (Ease setup/install/customization, etc.)
    1. Per DSpace 7 WG meeting on June 29, 2023, this may include dependency upgrades/maintenance (Angular, Spring, Solr, Tomcat, etc).  May also include necessary code updates/refactors to ease in ongoing maintenance. 
  5. Release Goal: June 17-24, 2024
  6. In parallel to 8.0, proof of concepts / planning regarding modularization:
    1. Angular : library-based architecture proposal (4Science)
    2. DSpace Preservation-enabled Storage via OCFL (Lyrasis, post-8.0)

Goals for 7.6.2

Deadline is TBD for 7.6.2

  • Bug/security fixes only.  Release will occur when sufficient fixes have been made to warrant a release.
    • New "themeable components" (for dspace-angular) are allowed in bug fix releases, provided that they don't significantly modify component behavior or similar.
  • Bug fixes should have one Pull Request 
    1. A PR against either the "dspace-7_x" maintenance branch OR the "main" branch.
    2. We will automatically generate a PR against the other branch using the "port to [branch]" labels & the "Port merged Pull Request" GitHub Action
    3. (In the case of complex bug fixes, it is possible this automatic port action will fail. In that situation a manual port PR may need to be created.)

Try "Pull Request Trading" for a quicker review

Do you have a PR stuck in "under review" that you really want to see move forward?  Or maybe it's someone else's PR but you want to get it more attention?

See Trading reviews on Pull Requests for how to get immediate attention to that PR!


Discussed the release of DSpace 8.0

  • DSpace 8.0 was released on Monday, June 24, 2024. Tim Donohue thanked all committers for their work and their contributions towards version 8.0.
  • Reflected on lessons learned from work on version 8.0 and what can be improved to help future releases
    • Tim Donohue shared:
      • realizing major upgrades earlier in the development cycle; in the development of version 8, the need to upgrade Springboot and Angular was seen somewhat late in the development cycle, which lead to delays
      • improving and streamlining the code review process, which has also lead to delays; this is partly due to a small pool of reviewers

Discussed the release of 7.6.2

Discussed ideas for DSpace version 9

  • Tim Donohue has created a board for version 9 on GitHub:; this board serves as a point to collect ideas and brainstorm features and improvements for version 9
  • Any larger ideas and brainstorming for version 9 can go on the DSpace Release 9.0 Status page on the wiki
    • Anyone is welcome and encouraged to add ideas for version 9 development to this page
    • Alternative, anyone is welcome to message Tim Donohue with ideas for version 9 development

Continued the ongoing discussion around High CPU usage with DSpace 7 SSR (see

  • Anyone is welcome to add ideas on how to improve performance issues in the "Brainstorms" section on
  • Discussed ideas of how do improve performance
    • Fixes should revolve around identifying the underlying problem, not just patching a workaround solution
    • Pascal Becker shared suggestions on how to improve performance by sending fewer larger requests bundled together instead of many small requests 
      • Some examples include the submission form requesting each section one by one, requesting all configs one by one, requesting all permissions one by one
      • Tim will copy details into DSpace Release 9.0 Status page
    • Discussed performance issues around REST API calls (private vs. public).  Ideally, SSR requests (via Node) should be sent via a private URL (sometimes localhost) to the REST API, instead of using the public URL (which is slower as it needs to go through DNS, etc.)
  • Art mentioned that we also have an outdated Submission library in the Angular UI.  We need to replace it or create our own submission forms.  See also

No meeting will be held on July 4, 2024, due to the public holiday in the US

(End of notes)