Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Leadership Group Members

  • Tal Ayalon, World Bank Group 
  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker, The Library Code* 
  • Corey Davis, University of Victoria Libraries
  • Lieven Droogmans, Atmire*
  • Tiago Ferreira, Neki IT**(star)
  • Rose Fredrick, Creighton University 
  • Victor Gomez, CONCYTEC***
  • Scott Hanrath, University of Kansas*
  • Barbara Hirschmann, ETH Zurich 
  • Jyrki Ilva, National Library of Finland
  • Lautaro Julián Matas, LA Referencia**
  • Tim McGeary, Duke University Libraries
  • Agustina Martínez-García, University of Cambridge* (Vice Chair)
  • Erik Moore, University of Minnesota*
  • Susanna Mornati, 4Science*
  • Jere Odell, IUPUI*
  • Susan Parham, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kristi Park, Texas Digital Library*
  • Beate Rajski, DSpace-Konsortium Deutschland
  • Bronwen Sprout, The University of British Columbia
  • Gail Steinhart, Cornell University Library
  • Ianthe Sutherland, The University of Edinburgh 
  • Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State University Libraries* (Chair) 

LYRASIS attendees

  • Laurie Arp
  • Michele Mennielli
  • Tim Donohue

The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. It rotates after each meeting to the next person in the attendee list.

*Members of DSpace Steering Group

**Community At Large Representative

***Ex-officio member nominated by the Leadership Group as representative of the community at large. Ex-officio members do not have voting rights

Meeting time:  11AM-1PM EDT; 3PM-5PM UTC

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Meeting ID: 502 527 3040

Passcode: dspace

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Meeting ID: 502 527 3040

Passcode: 995571

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12 min

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcome
  • Thank you to meeting note-taker
22 minGovernance Matters
  • Elections update - Vice-Chair
35 minConflict of Interest
  • Collecting signed COI forms from voting members of Leadership
    • Please fill out, sign, and send to Laurie by June 30, 2022
Maureen and Laurie
420 minFY23 Budget discussion
  • Proposed budget for Leadership approval
    • Budget sent via listserv
      • Steering voted and approved proposed budget on May 18, 2022
      • A budget is a plan. Even if governance approves a specific plan for FY22-23, they can also approve variances throughout the year as needs/info change
      • Variables include
        • revenue (e.g. membership dues, SCOSS pledges, Dev Fund contributions)
        • expenses (e.g. staffing, contract work, and travel) 
Maureen and Laurie
510 minPosition descriptionLaurie and Tim
630 minDSpace 5 and 6
  • Discussion of support for DSpace 5 and 6
75 min

DSpace Development Update

  • Update on the current status of DSpace 7 development (7.3 and longer release cycle)


85 minRegistered Service Providers
  • RSP Program updates
95 min

DSpace Community Advisory Team Update


105 minFundraising updates
  • DSpace Development Fund 
    • Approximately $ 55,000 pledged to date (includes some 1 time increased memberships)
  • SCOSS Updates
    • Onboarding sessions with new pledging institutions/consortia
    • Approximately 143,000 Euros pledged so far (over 3 years)
Laurie, Michele
115 minVIVO, COAR, OR2022
  • DSpace/VIVO integration informational update
  • COAR Notify and DSpace implementations
  • DSpace at OR2022
1210 minDSpace statements
  • Discussion of Statements by DSpace Governance
1315 minInvest In Open InfrastructureMaureen
Any other business, as time allows


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    1. Maureen welcomes everyone and starts the meeting. 
  2. Governance Matters
    1. Vice-chair voting results presented. Agustina has been confirmed as the Vice Chair for the current governance year.
  3. Conflict of Interest
    1. Maureen informed the group everyone needed to submit a signed Conflict of Interest form with a deadline of June 30th. Please send to Laurie.
  4. FY23 Budget discussion
    1. Maureen and Laurie presented the budget approved by Steering for group discussion. The group moved to an official vote by Leadership to approve the budget. The budget is approved by Leadership.
  5. Position description
    1. Laurie and Tim presented the new position description for a part-time position approved by Steering and discussed plans for staff support with funds raised by SCOSS campaign.
  6. DSpace 5 and 6
    1. Tim discussed where we are with DSpace 5.x and DSpace 6.x and the necessity of ending support for both and the timeline for each. The EOL timeline for DSpace 5.x and DSpace 6.x was approved by Steering. The email language that will be shared with the community was approved by Steering. Tim will send out the EOL email and post the Wiki page with more information following the Leadership meeting (Tuesday next week to avoid two holidays).
  7. DSpace Development Update
    1. Tim provided an update on DSpace 7 development and where we are with 7.3 - 7.3 will be released after OR2022 toward the end of June. It is a very large release.
  8. Registered Service Providers
    1. Michele provided an update on the new structure for RSPs. The new contract is drafted, comments colelcted, and it should begin July 1st - it will be a pilot/experimental for the first year.
  9. DSpace Community Advisory Team Update
    1. Maureen provided an update on DCAT and their work to create end-user facing documentation for DSpace 7: Learning DSpace. All our welcome to contribute to the documentation.
  10. Fundraising updates
    1. Laurie provided updates on the Development fund (to date $55,000 pledged) and SCOSS (143,000 Euros pledged so far over three years)
  11. VIVO, COAR, OR2022
    1. Maureen provided informational updates on the progress of the DSpace Vivo integration work, COAR, and OR2022.
    2. Based on the recommendation from COAR, Steering approved a proposal to replace "ResourceSync" with "COAR Notify" on our "Tier 3: Medium Priority" listing for DSpace 7 priorities. "ResourceSync" will be moved to Tier 5: Low Priority (very bottom of that list).  COAR made it clear that while it's nice to have, it's not as high priority as "Notify" at this time. "COAR Notify" will be annotated as "In development - to be donated", as it's our understanding that all code will be built & donated by the Harvard team.  Once the code is donated, Tim & Tech Team will do their best to review it in a timely manner & determine which 7.x release it can fit into. However, Tim will also ensure it doesn't negatively impact any funded development goals/priorities.
    3. DSpace will be well represented at OR2022 and will participate in the Repository Rodeo.
  12. DSpace statements
    1. Maureen provided more context for the motivation behind the proposal for a statement on Ukraine that was approved by Steering and Leadership. One of our community members who is very active, including as a member of DCAT was directly and negatively impacted. The group discussed in what circumstances would DSpace consider possible statements in the future and the consensus was we would definitely consider when it impacted members of our community.
  13. Invest In Open Infrastructure
    1. The group discussed how DSpace is listed and decided we would defer discussion of working on possible remediation to a future leadership meeting with potential breakout rooms.
  14. Any other business, as time allows
    1. None. 

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