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 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: DSpace Meeting Room




  • General Updates
    • Tim notes we still have not signups for Sprint #2.  Will need to decide how to use this Sprint (more discussion below)
    • Tim sent out a reminder and also reached out to a few Committers individually. Those who responded said that they are just unavailable in July, but would like to take part in a future Sprint.
  • Angular UI Team updates
  • REST API / Java backend Team updates
  • Lieven notes that we should have a Planning Meeting to ensure our Planning Spreadsheet is updated/accurate, and allow us to add in estimates / rough timelines. That way we can better estimate whether we are "on schedule", ahead of schedule or behind schedule.
    • Also notes this should be part of our weekly checkin meeting (each Thurs)
    • Tim agrees... we used to reference spreadsheet more on a weekly basis, but then got swamped with OR2018 prep and set it aside.  Need to now get back to it.
    • Sprint #2 may be a good opportunity to get back to this, and also get past the "backlog" of tickets we currently have.
  • Upcoming Community Sprint - How do we use this time?
    • Two main options...reschedule or reuse this as more of an "internal sprint" – where we work together on a daily basis (instead of weekly) to quickly move forward PRs/tickets that are in progress, etc.
      • All agree we should use this time as our own DSpace 7 Working Group Sprint (an "internal" sprint).  Both Atmire & 4Science teams have availability to chip in.
    • ACTION: Tim will update the DSpace 7 Community Sprint 2 page with these details (UPDATE: Completed)
    • In our Thurs, July 19 meeting (at the end of the Sprint), we will devote the majority of the meeting to Development Planning (as suggested by Lieven).  We'll update/enhance the Planning Spreadsheet, so that we can more easily reference it on a weekly basis going forward.
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • Tim is on holiday from June 30 - July 6 (will be mostly offline). Returns to office from July 9-20 for Sprint #2, then out again from July 23-26 (at DuraSpace staff retreat).
    • Note: August is a bad month for 4Science team. Most staff will be unavailable on holiday much of the month. However, they will start DSpace 7 work back up again in September
  • Next Meeting will be on Thurs, July 5 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting RoomAs Tim will be out, Art Lowel (Atmire) and Andrea Bollini (4Science)will touch base next week (via Slack) to decide whether to meeting is necessary or not.