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 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: DSpace Meeting Room




  • General Updates
  • Angular UI Team updates
  • REST API / Java backend Team updates
  • Upcoming Community Sprint
    • DSpace 7 Community Sprints
    • No signups yet.  Unsure if it's just the timing of the sprint (mid-Summer) that is the main factor.
    • If we end up with few participants, we could use this time for our own Sprint within the DSpace 7 WG.  So, we can try and move along PRs more quickly during this two week period & have more concentrated effort, etc.
    • Tim will also reach out to OR2018 Workshop attendees (reminding them of Sprint), all who participated in first sprint, and a few specific existing Committers.
  • Entities 7 Working Group
    • A new iteration of an Entities Working Group will be established. This will not be the same as the DSpace Entities Working Group, as their charge was simply to come up with a plan.  We'll create a new implementation oriented DSpace 7 Entities Working Group, and have a public call in the coming weeks.
    • Initially this working group will be separate.  There are detailed implementation / architecture discussions that will need to take place, and which will require their own separate meeting.
    • Once the DSpace 7 Entities Working Group has finalized design / implementation details and started creating initial Pull Requests, that group should merge into this DSpace 7 Working Group.
    • Tim (and eventually others) will regularly report back on the DSpace 7 Entities Working Group progress in this meeting.
  • Developer Show & Tell
    • DSpace Developer Show and Tell Meetings
    • Next week's meeting is an OR2018 Recap
    • In July, possibly a demo/overview of Postman
    • Future ideas could also include basic tutorials/overviews of the new REST API (e.g. Terry's tutorial at OR2018) and/or Angular UI.
  • Upcoming Schedule
    • Art L returns next week (June 28)
  • Next Meeting will be on Thurs, June 28 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room