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  • rebranding, part II

Discussion items



coming up with our first (interim?) logo; first some identity issues

  • we own (can't get
  • we own (can't get
  • do we want ARK Alliance (singular) or ARKs Alliance (plural)
  • important test: "The ARK Alliance ( is seeking $300,000 for ..."
  • could we live without an acronym?
    • since an acronym would mean teaching the world two different 4-letter words
      • arks(.org) = ARK Alliance
      • arka          = ARK Alliance
    • if we drop the acronym, that cancels all the acronym-based logo options

ARK Alliance

TS: prefer boats over acronym-based logos
MG: mashup of IA and boat logo looks like its trying too hard, too obvious; basic ARK image seems good
TS: like ARK Alliance to right of boat; would like  to straighten out the roof
P: we could probably get someone could redraw the roof
B: either acronym or boat ok, slight pref for acronym

PC: I like that idea that the ARK Alliance is the org, and "arks" (plural) is the product
All: agreed

towards an ARK(s) Alliance brochure website

  • very drafty, stub pages started at 
  • seeking volunteers and a strategy for building out and maintaining the site
  • imagine gradually transitioning content maintenance from lyrasis wiki to

TS: action: will jot down things important on wiki that should be on the site
TS: I'll be glad to write a post once our IIIF project is further along
KE: should we solicit specific contributions to building out the site?
MG: are we planning a formal launch? when?
TS: perhaps after Jan 20 for relaunch
KE: agreed
TS: don't think we need a large survey
JK: would like some sense of what the ARK working groups
MG: for brochure site, what is the AG input on this? what is WG input on it?
TS: would be nice to allow any member to post to blog (eg, like CDL does)
BC: yes, eg, the  OPF allows each member to post
KE: eventually we should make accounts for every WG member
TS: agreed: want more than just Outreach review for boilerplate items

Action items

  • John Kunze pull clean image from source
  • John Kunze set up WP accounts for everyone in the WG
  • John Kunze set up call with Tracy and Maria for wiki transition priorities