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DSpace 7 Update

Continue review/discussion of "What's in DSpace 7" 


Tim presented the DSpace 7 status. 

A Future comparison table of DSpace and Digital Commons Bepress

  • Should include features and functionality of both systems
  • discussed as a way to highlight desirable Bepress features that might be replicable in future DSpace releases. 
    • This comparison will not be part of the current What's in DSpace 7 doc
    • Should include features, what they expose,features that are missing
    • Example of a Bepress comparison from the Samvera community  (incomplete): Digital Commons Feature Matrix
    • Felicity has contacts who are Bepress users who might be willing to work with us

Schedule for release of What's in DSpace 7

  • José Carvalho is scheduled to review "What's in DSpace 7"  at the upcoming DCAT meeting
  • Feedback from DCAT will be included in the doc
  • Document will be approved at the Outreach Meeting, on 28 March
  • Likely release late March

Action items



Revise "What's In DSpace 7" doc to emphasize/clarify "core features IN PROCESS
Present revised "What's In DSpace 7" doc to DCAT for comments and questions to DCAT

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