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April 2016 Announcement to MLA 
 Recruitment of project contributors & definition of roles/contributions 
 Set up basic infrastructure for collaboration at a distance 
 Survey existing evaluations of performed music in BIBFRAME & any practical efforts 
 Collect user stories for use cases
May 2016- Develop use cases for use in evaluation & extension of the ontology
 ARSC conference
June 2016 Evaluation of BIBFRAME ontology for describing performed music 
 Evaluation of other available linked data ontologies for performed music 
 Survey of available controlled linked data vocabularies related to PM 
 Evaluate MARC record and potential conversion issues to core BIBFRAMe 
 First in person meeting at Stanford
July 2016Development & documentation of PM ontology
 Development of RDA profile
 Request and evaluate feedback from larger community
 2nd in person meeting
October 2016Catalog a variety of performed music resources in various formats using PMO in RDA
 Catalog a variety of performed music resources in various formats using PMO in non-RDA formats
 Request & evaluate feedback from larger community
 Further evaluate & document additions and/or changes to MARC record for better conversion
December 2016Evaluation of results of project
 Provide written summary & recommendations for further research and development
 Provided recommendations for hosting & maintenance of ontology
March 2017Provide completed package of work to constituent organizations, BIBFRAME & linked data communities & other interested organizations
 Write final report for Mellon Foundation
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