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Title (Goal)

As a repository manager, I want to change which web service implements an API extension by pointing to a new address

Primary Actor

Repository Manager






Aaron Birkland

Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

My institution created a web service and configured the API Extension Architecture to direct requests from /path/to/object/viz:nifty to it. The implementing web service is running on one of our backend servers, at We need to do some server maintenance on that machine, so we've put a new copy of the webapp up at We'd like to configure the API Extension architecture to direct requests to the new webapp instance, so we can take the old one down. Since this is a production system with lots of users, we do not want to have to re-start Fedora or the API Extension architecture. We would like to make a simple configuration change which causes the API Extension Architecture to immediately start sending requests to the new service instead of the old.

API Extension Architecture's role:

  • Route user's http requests from viz:nifty to a backend web service, and return its response
  • Provide a means for the repository manager to specify the address of the backend web service
  • Provide the ability to change the configuration of viz:nifty, and immediately enact those changes.

Web application's role:

  • Respond to requests directed from viz:nifty

Repository manager's role:

  • Deploy web applications
  • Specify the address of web application as configuration in the API Extension Architecture
  • Specify a new address of the web application to the API Extension Architecture by  configuration int the API Extension Architecture

Fedora's role:

  • Respond to requests from the web application, if any.