Title (Goal)

As a repository manager, I want to change which web service implements an API extension by pointing to a new address

Primary Actor

Repository Manager






Aaron Birkland

Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

My institution created a web service and configured the API Extension Architecture to direct requests from /path/to/object/viz:nifty to it. The implementing web service is running on one of our backend servers, at http://internal-net-12.example.org:8080/nifty-viz. We need to do some server maintenance on that machine, so we've put a new copy of the webapp up at http://internal-net-08.example.org/nifty-viz. We'd like to configure the API Extension architecture to direct requests to the new webapp instance, so we can take the old one down. Since this is a production system with lots of users, we do not want to have to re-start Fedora or the API Extension architecture. We would like to make a simple configuration change which causes the API Extension Architecture to immediately start sending requests to the new service instead of the old.

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Web application's role:

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