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Use Cases Wanted!

The Fedora community is encouraged to add use cases in the format detailed below by creating a new sub-page from this wiki page. In order to ensure that the community's needs are reflected in the software, this input is critical.
Also, please review the existing use cases here and comment on or "like" ones as you see fit.

Use case structure (inspired by Wikipedia):

Title (Goal) 
Primary Actor 
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens) 



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  1. Not to be overly zealous, but a few more words describing what is expected to be in those fields would help. The Wikipedia page referred is a bit nebulous in regard to different flavors and individual terms.

    1. I agree.  I ended up leaving "Scope" and "Level" blank, because it seems like those are values that can be filled in (if we deem necessary) after we review the use cases all together.

    1. Yes, I had meant to review the list of existing use cases to determine their relevance to this effort.  Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Apologies for missing the second planning call.  I will do my best to get some additional use cases posted this week.

  3. I have to admit, in reviewing the proposal and use cases assembled so far, I was not very sure about the necessity or sufficiency of APIX for the purposes for which I imagined we might use it, so instead of creating new use cases, I have instead just "liked" those that seemed most in line with our plans for Fedora. 

    1. So have recent use cases and associated use cases pushed you in the direction of "probably unnecessary and not suffient", or in the other direction (smile)

      1. Well, I guess what it really comes down to is I don't know where to draw the line between what features are best handled in a traditional admin application layer (e.g. Hydra), what's already possible to do with a core Fedora (our instance is still a work in progress), how much can already be accomplished with Apache Camel or with things like reverse proxies, and how much really requires API-X.  I do know that I like the ideas laid out in the original proposal, and we have plans for Fedora that seem to overlap with many of the use cases (e.g. research data applications, batch loading and asset package creation/shipping, asynchronous storage). So mostly I'm felling "this sounds interesting but it's over my head".