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Developers Meeting on Weds, July 29, 2015

Today's Meeting Times


Discussion Topics

  1. Discussion of "Service API" work from @mire. Feedback / thoughts? Should we try to get this into 6.0?
    1. If you haven't seen the overview yet, please read the above wiki page or watch the video / slides.
  2. DSpace 5.3 Release - Final Steps
  3. Migrating off SourceForge - Latest Status
    1. Tim has been doing some test migrations of mailing list archives from SourceForge to Google Groups. 
      1. So far, it's very "rough around the edges". I can migrate the archives fine, but the date of old emails always gets changed to date of migration (not ideal at all!)
  4. DSpace 6.0 Status
    1. Volunteers for some refactoring tasks?
      DS-2188 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      DS-2187 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Release Team members still needed!
  5. RoadMap work
    1. Design - Single UI Project has some rough timelines on likely plans.
      1. Rough draft of Prototyping a Future UI which describes what the prototyping process may look like (feedback welcome!)
    2. A "UI Working Group" first meeting in the works. Early August (date being finalized, looking like either Aug 3 or 10)
      1. Rough draft of Working Group charter: DSpace UI Prototype Working Group
      2. Once date is finalized, we'll announce an open meeting (anyone can attend) to discuss the upcoming UI Prototyping and get volunteers for Working Group.
  6. Other topics?

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

(Action items go here, if any)