Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Completed in 7.0

This project was completed in 7.0 with the release of the new DSpace UI based on  This page is now outdated & obsolete

DSpace 7 Working Groups

As of early 2017, two working groups have been formed to move this active project forward. More detailed information about the DSpace 7 UI project can be found on the working group pages (and subpages).

  • DSpace 7 Working Group : the technology working group that is building the new UI (split into two subteams concentrating on Angular UI and REST API)
  • DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group : the outreach working group which is helping to promote the work and find new collaborators.

Both working groups welcome new members. Get in touch with the organizers if you wish to get involved!


DSpace will standardize on a single, out-of-the-box User Interface.  While third parties are still welcome to develop and distribute alternative interfaces, only one will be distributed with DSpace.

As both the XMLUI and JSPUI are aging, this is an opportunity for supporters of each of these UIs to collaborate on a common UI platform.

Use Cases / Notes

Planning Phase - Selecting a Platform

Timeframe: 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2015. The UI platform will be selected before OR2016.

Technology Selection Completed

At the conclusion of the Planning Phase, Angular 2 was selected as the platform for the new UI. This work has begun in the DSpace 7 Working Group. For more information on the selection process and how we came to the decision, see DSpace UI Prototype Challenge.

Design Phase - User Experience

Timeframe: Kicking off early in the Development Phase (2016). Because of tight timelines for all this UI work, a full UX redesign may not be possible in the initial version of the new DSpace UI. But, the hope would be to at least do minor cleanup / rework of any UI tools that desperately need it. The new UI itself could be based on existing themes that already provide a better user experience (e.g. Mirage 2, new JSPUI).

  • Find a (part-time?) user experience (UX) designer/expert to create mockups/wireframes (using Balsamiq Mockups or similar) of the new DSpace UI experience
    • Initially this UX design work may concentrate on specific areas that are known to be problematic in DSpace (e.g. Admin tools).
    • This work should involve analyzing examples of good user experience design (in both repository platforms and on the web in general), and finding ways to potentially apply them to the DSpace user experience.
    • Depending on available funds, this person may need to be a volunteer or donated from an institution
  • Per discussions on mailing lists, a UX working group may be created to help move this effort forward

Development Phase - Building the UI

Timeframe: Organized development began work in late 2016, but calls for participation will go out in early 2017.

  • [Late 2016] : Establish a development team (ideally with some overlap with the planning phase team). This team will likely consist of volunteer or "donated" development resources
  • [Jan 2017] : Establish a DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group (additional members welcome!) to help with outreach and information sharing related to the DSpace 7 UI project
  • [Jan 2017] : Open call for participation (especially development). This call will be made on all DSpace mailing lists.
  • [Jan 2017 - June 2017] : Schedule a series of development "sprints" which will begin in early 2017. This will allow institutions to donate developers for specific sprints (or allow developers to balance local work with sprint work)
    • Ideally, hold a "hackathon" to help kickstart some of these sprints and get everyone on the same page?
    • Development process will be kept transparent (on GitHub) with ongoing status reports to Committers, etc.
    • Ongoing "beta" or early releases will be made available for testing/feedback/analysis by developers and/or DCAT members
  • [June 2017] : Alpha? version of the new UI is presented at the OR2017. A presentation will also detail progress, etc.
  • [Early to Mid 2018?] : Fully functional new UI in place for the DSpace 7.0 release. Currently estimated for early to mid 2018. This timeline may move up if more contributors join the project.
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