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Developers Meeting on Weds, May 27, 2015

Today's Meeting Times



  • OR15 Developer Meeting page is posted. The meeting will occur on Monday, June 8 (workshop day) at 1:30pm-5:00pm in the Conference Hotel

Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 5.2 Release last week. Thanks for all who helped make it happen!
    1. DS-2590 - Getting issue details... STATUS nearly fixed up
  2. Major bug in OAI-PMH: DS-2593 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. Do we consider a 5.3 release?
  3. DSpace 6.0 Talk
    1. Call for Release Team members
    2. Anyone working on "big features" (or small features) already for 6.0 release? Wishlist items to add?
    3. Volunteers for some refactoring tasks?
      DS-2188 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      DS-2187 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. Strategic Planning Updates
    1. DSpace Technical Roadmap is in a "final draft" state. It's more geared towards plans for 7.0, as the 6.0 timeline is too tight.
    2. DSpace 2015-18 Strategic Plan - Technology is in a more "final draft" state
    3. Use Case Analysis is completed (but is also still ongoing as new use cases are added)
  5. Other topics?

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

  • Full IRC Transcript is available at -

  • Beginning of the log:

    22:00 < tdonohue> Hi all, welcome to this week's DSpace DevMtg:
    22:00 < kompewter> [ DevMtg 2015-05-27 - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] -
    22:01 < tdonohue> First off, just wanted to thank everyone who helped contribute to, test, or release DSpace 5.2 last week!
    22:01 < kompewter> [ DSpace Release 5.2 Status - DSpace - DuraSpace Wiki ] -
    22:01 < hpottinger> YES, thanks to everyone who helped!
    22:02 < tdonohue> Thanks also to hpottinger & mhwood for helping to resolve a release issue that popped up during the 5.2 release (it's fixed in the 5.2 downloads/code now): DS-2590
    22:02 < kompewter> [ ] - [DS-2590] Assembly configurations for producing distribution files have multiple issues - DuraSpace JIRA
    22:03 < tdonohue> So, anyone reading this...5.2 is fixed now. It was just that our release packages initially were "munged" up, but that was quickly resolved by mhwood & hpottinger. And 2590 is about making sure it doesn't happen again
    22:04 < tdonohue> Any other updates/comments folks want to share on 5.2?
    22:05 < hpottinger> DS-2542
    22:05 < kompewter> [ ] - [DS-2542] XOAI does not support non granular YYYY-MM-DD harvesting properly - DuraSpace JIRA
    22:05 < hpottinger> would have been nice to deal with that as part of 5.2
    22:05 < hpottinger> but it requires a new release of XOAI
    22:06 < tdonohue> So, that's the great news... 5.2 is out the door, and it fixed a ton of big & small bugs (especially in Solr Stats).  But, unfortunately, we also have some not-so-great news to follow that up with (which hpottinger 
                      brought us into already a bit!)
    22:06 < tdonohue> I was just going to mention, it seems like OAI-PMH has some "bigger issues" that still remain, namely 2542 (above) and DS-2593
    22:06 < kompewter> [ ] - [DS-2593] Withdrawn items remain in OAI-PMH until the next full re-import - DuraSpace JIRA
    22:07 < tdonohue> So, at least to me, it's making me wonder if we can fit in a 5.3 to try and patch up some of these OAI-PMH bugs in 5.x (they may even date back to 4.x)
    22:08 < mhwood> Noting that we're almost 6mo. into 6.0, I have to ask how urgent we think these are.
    22:09 < tdonohue> good question. I know I've had questions coming my way with regards to OAI-PMH not acting right. We fixed some OAI bugs in 5.2 as well though. And, yea, I'm not wanting to let this delay 6.0, but we should ensure these 
                      both get fixed at least in 6.0
    22:10 < hpottinger> we don't have to release a 5.3, but if we fix them in 6, we can backport them to 5_x which will help everyone who bases their code on that branch.
    22:10 < hpottinger> like, erm, me :-)
    22:10 < hpottinger> help me
    22:10 < tdonohue> So, I don't really know the answer. We just need to try and concentrate on getting OAI-PMH bugs fixed up (and possibly also figuring out a better maintenance model for XOAI)
    22:12 < hpottinger> maybe we should establish a policy for forking things we depend on, we've done it in the past with Cocoon, what else?
    22:12 < tdonohue> Maybe the answer for now is..."we should keep a close eye on interest in these issues, and possibly consider a 5.3 if they seem to be major problems"
    22:12 -!- aschweer [] has joined #duraspace
    22:12 < tdonohue> we've never actually "forked" Cocoon. We just override a class or two (and technically, we could do something similar for XOAI)
    22:12 < aschweer> oh there is a meeting. the irclog isn't working it seems.
    22:13 < hpottinger> yep, we're here
    22:13 < hpottinger> oh, yeah, duralogbot is not here
    22:14  * tdonohue is waking up duralogbot
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    22:14 -DuraLogBot:#duraspace- This channel is logged -
    22:14 < hpottinger> OH HAI duralogbot

Action Items

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