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As an open source software platform, DSpace is primarily developed, maintained and supported by volunteers from throughout the world.  However, our large, diverse community of users and developers provides you with a number of opportunities for software support.


If you need help or support in getting DSpace installed/configured/customized, here's a few places to go:

Type of SupportSupport Options
I need help using DSpace (or have general questions)..

Ask your question on one of the following mailing lists:

  • If it's a general DSpace user / usage question, we recommend asking on the "dspace-general" Mailing List
  • If it's an installation, configuration or technical question, we recomend asking on the "dspace-tech" (support) Mailing List
Does DSpace provide [some feature]?

You may wish to check or search our Documentation for a quick answer, and search the mailing list archives (to see if this has been asked before). You could also try searching Google (as all our documentation is well indexed there, as are our mailing lists).

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, we recommend asking on the "dspace-general" Mailing List.

DSpace is reporting an error... [or]
I think I've found a bug.... [or]
Why isn't this working?

First, review our Troubleshoot an error tips/tricks to be sure this isn't a simple issue or something that has been reported or fixed previously.
Then, please send a description of the problem to our "dspace-tech" (support) Mailing List. Please be sure to include:

  • The version of DSpace you are running (including what UI: XMLUI vs JSPUI)
  • Any error messages you located in your log files (feel free to attach a snippet of your logs if needed)
  • What sort of actions you were performing in the system at the time of the error

If you are unsure if the problem is in DSpace or in another system (e.g. Tomcat or PostgreSQL/Oracle), you may even consider posting your question to StackOverflow, as that way experts in the other system may also have quick answers for you.

I've definitely found a bug (and possibly even a fix for it)Please immediately report it to our DSpace Issue Tracker (this ensures it is immediately logged and doesn't get forgotten or overlooked). If you have a fix ready, you can either describe it in your Issue Tracker ticket, attach a patch, or submit a GitHub Pull Request (please mention the associated Ticket's number).

When possible, if you know the fix, we prefer that you link us to the problematic code and provide a patch or pull request.  It really helps us to resolve the bug quickly if we are given the fix or enough details to locate the bug easily!
I'd like to customize my DSpace to do [something]...could you provide any tips or tricks in doing so?

First, you may wish to see if this question has already been asked before. Try searching our mailing lists, Google, or even StackOverflow to see if you can find the answer.

If you've already started your customization work and have code snippets to share, you may wish to post your question to StackOverflow (As it is sometimes easier to review code there, plus the answer is easily searchable to others).

If you just want some general advice, usually asking on "dspace-tech" (support list) or "dspace-devel" (developers list) is the best option depending on how advanced of a customization you wish to make.  But, be sure to provide:

  • Details on the type of customization (including which version of DSpace, which DSpace UI)
  • The use case you are trying to achieve (that way others may be able to point you in the direction of similar work, when applicable).
I'd like to hire someone to customize or upgrade or host my DSpacePlease consider contacting one of our DSpace Registered Service Providers. The service providers on this list all contribute back to DSpace in some way, and we recommend them for their services. The types of services they each provide (customization, add-ons, upgrades, hosting) is also detailed on that page.  If you are looking for hosting specifically, DuraSpace also offers a basic DSpace hosting service called DSpaceDirect.
(Other support questions)When in doubt, we usually just recommend asking the question on "dspace-tech" (support list). You may also wish to search our mailing list archives for similar questions, or use our DSpace Community Resource Search engine.
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