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Researchers around the world use Google Scholar intensively (Google Scholar). The incorporation of institutional repositories collections in their search results creates immediate and global visibility for these publications, with great benefit for the authors, the scientific community and the same institutions: universities and research centers.

In this webinar for the DSpace user community in Ecuador, Monica Westin (Google) will present how the GScholar indexing system works and what is needed to ensure the inclusion of repositories. It will also illustrate the common indexing problems of the DSpace repositories, how to identify and fix them, and how to verify the coverage of your repository in Google Scholar. After the initial presentation, a question and answer session will take place for the participants.

The webinar is organized by LYRASIS, Google Scholar in collaboration with LA Reference, CEDIA and SENESCYT.

When: October 8, 2019 - 12:00 ECT




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