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DSpace 7 endorsing institutions

Text from Cornell is here, as well as Bram's invitation text: Goal 2: Identify and promote endorsing institutions

Support for NA DSpace UG Meeting September 23 and 24, 2019 at the University of Minnesota: 2019 DSpace North American User Group Meeting



  • Endorsing institutions: Cornell University has provided text for an endorsement, getting approval for a photo. Bram hoping for a second endorser before the end of August. Susanna concerned because we do not know about the release date. Some institutions want to start in DSpace 7 now. When we have the estimates maybe it will be easier because there will be more data. Not realistic to find endorsing institutions that are not already using DSpace. In Bram's experience many institutions will wait for 7.1 or higher. Asking institutions for funds to invest in getting to the milestones faster. Marketing wise we should be more vocal about the milestones and success we are completing. Every feature finished is better for the UI. 
    • Cornell is a big name and releasing the endorsement can be a big opportunity. Need more than one endorser. How will we get the word out about the campaign and what do we want potential endorsers to do? 
    • Great DSpace presentations at OR, maybe those institutions can be approached about endorsing. Need to reach institutions who are making strategic decisions for 2020.
      • Should use our homepage on more
      • Should put out messages once a week for a certain time. If it is a campaign, what action do we want them to take? Should wait until we have a beta and what we ask is for testers
      • Could embed the slides from the workshops, links to the videos on the DSpace 7 page
      • Explore website enhancements, embedding the slides from the workshops, links to the videos pf the presentations, on the DSpace 7 page. Could we rotate these videos or see a new one on refresh, on the DSpace home page? Screencast about how to get DSpace 7 running on Docker could be added.
  • Support for NA DSpace UG: Susanna is attending and presenting. First day is completely about DSpace 7. 
    • Could buttons be produced and sent for the user group? Carol will explore. 
  • Can we use the MOU for promotion of the community and how we will work together? Is that worth promoting? The spirit of the MOU is worth promoting, assuring the community that this agreement is in place.
  • Website: when will the content move? for example is extremely important to keep stable and there are likely other URLs that also need special attention to keep stable. 
  • Next meeting September 4th

Action items



Start releasing information about milestones as they are met, to show the progress currently being made each week. 

Carol and Heather will will work on content homepage display and listing/display of resources on the DSpace 7 page. Will review with this group. Will create a blog post to point to these resources.

Pascal will ask for a short screencast related to Docker

Keep looking for endorsers and considering what the ask is for the campaign – what will they do to respond?
Carol will find out if there should be a DSpace component at the LYRASIS Membership Summit
Carol will explore sending buttons to the user group
Pascal will speak with the Steering/with Erin about writing a blog post highlighting that the MOU is in place
Carol will keep the group informed about the combining of the web presence into LYRASIS
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