Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Confirmed endorsers

Cornell University Library

Cornell University Library has relied on the DSpace platform as its institutional repository since 2002. It’s important to us to use and support community-owned infrastructure. From time to time we have considered other options, but when we have compared DSpace to other platforms, we have found that it does the best job of meeting our needs with minimal local development. The platform is reliable, and its widespread use gives us confidence that it has real staying power in the community. We’re excited about the changes coming in DSpace 7!

Contact: Gail Steinhart 

Approved imagery


Conditions for use: pre-approval for all forms/usages needed from & 

ETH Zurich

At ETH Zurich, we have migrated our institutional repository to DSpace in 2017. We have since used DSpace to publish open access articles, thesis and other publications by our researchers, to archive and publish their research data as well as to run our institutional bibliography – all in one DSpace instance. DSpace provides us the necessary flexibility to run a repository customized to our specific local needs. There are various features on our product roadmap that we are looking forward to implement once we have upgraded to DSpace 7 – for example support for person profiles or drag-and-drop file uploads. We are sure that DSpace 7 will bring us a great step forward in making our repository even more attractive and easy to use.

Barbara Hirschmann, Head E-Publishing, ETH Library, ETH Zurich, Switzerland 

Approved imagery

ETH-Bibliothek_Fremdmedien_01_en.svgETH-Bibliothek_Fremdmedien_02_en.svg => Campus photo in CC BY-SA 4.0

Conditions for use: pre-approval for all forms/usages needed from 

Potential endorsing institutions

Goal is to have (at least) 5 endorsing institutions who want to participate as the "faces".

  • University of Hasselt
    • Susanna reaches out
  • RCAAP/ 27 Portuguese repositories
    • José
  • Texas A&M
    • David Corbly reaches out
  • Jyrki Ilva / Finnish institutions?
    • ...
  • German institutions
    • Pascal reaches out
  • Cambridge
    • Bram in dialogue
  •  NYU
    • Bram reached out 2019-08-07
  • VTech
    • Bram reached out 2019-08-07
  • ETHZ
    • Benoît Wéry (Atmire) reached out 2019-08-07

Beyond the institutional perspective - highlighting excited end users

In 2019-06-26 call, José suggested to also bring the perspective of the end users, and showcase users who are enthusiastic about DSpace 7.

Maybe with use cases or with integrations?


Email outreach to potential endorsing institutions

Dear ...,

We briefly discussed the work of the DSpace 7 marketing work group, and the current ongoing search for high profile institutions & stakeholders that are willing to become "faces" endorsing the DSpace 7 efforts.

If you want to have an idea of what this could be or look like, we primarily want to provide "counter weight" to what Ex Libris is doing with their yet-to-be-production-ready commercial "Esploro" platform.

The wiki page dedicated to these efforts is here:

So what we're concretely after is:

  • MarComm approval to use the <<institution name>> (or library) name/logo on communication around DSpace 7 on the Duraspace website
  • Someone at your institution who wants to be in these materials with quotes & pictures
  • The exact message is entirely up to you // your stakeholders. It doesn't need to be a promise to be one of the earlier adopters. But as long as it's a positive statement about the DSpace development, and a commitment to the open community & platform etc, it will be definitely something the marketing work group can work with.

Thank you in advance,

"First in your country?" mail campaign

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