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New Leadership Groups are formed annually, with the process completed by November 1 each year. Leadership Group members serve for one year, from November through the following October. The Leadership Group consists of representatives from VIVO member institutions, as well as three community-at-large members.

Leadership Group members are seated according to their institution’s membership level. Individuals are selected by each member institution:

  • Each platinum institutions seats one member.
  • Each gold institution seats one member (temporarily, until VIVO’s gold members increase).
  • Each silver institution seats one member (until VIVO’s silver members increase).
  • Bronze institutions together seat one member who is elected by the community liaisons of the bronze members. Nominations for the bronze representative open in early September and elections are held in mid-September.

Three community-at-large members of the Leadership Group are elected by the community.  Anyone affiliated with a VIVO member institution can nominate up to three people, and anyone in the VIVO community can be nominated to serve as a community member of the LG. At least four nominations must be received. If less than four nominations are received, nominations will remain open.

After nominations close, elections are held. The community liaison at each member institution will receive a non-transferable ballot and will cast one ballot per member institution, selecting up to three candidates. The top three vote-getters will be elected to the Leadership Group. In the case of ties, there will be a run-off among the tied candidates.

The new Leadership Group is announced in November.

Electing Officers

In September, nominations for Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are opened. Any LG member can volunteer or nominate any other LG member. In October, elections are held for new officers. The new LG meets at the end of November.

Leadership Group Member Role

To provide the strategic leadership for VIVO, Leadership Group members contribute in the following ways:

  • Attending monthly Leadership Group meetings and letting the Chair know if you are not available.
  • Reviewing background materials prepared for meeting discussions and voting on key decisions.
  • Staying current with topics VIVO updates and active task forces and interest groups.
  • Participating in key VIVO initiatives such as the Steering Group, the annual conference, VIVO Camps, and other leadership events.
  • Lobbying their institutions to contribute developer resources to VIVO sprints whenever possible.
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