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Friday, July 12 at 11:00 EST


LG and SG members:

Ann Beynon, Robert Cartolano, Mike Conlon, Tom Cramer,  Anna Guillaumet, Christian Hauschke,  Doug Hahn,  Dong Joon (DJ) LeeVirginia (Ginny) Pannabecker, Julia Trimmer,Alex Viggio


Michele Minielli, Erin Tripp, David Wilcox, Andrew Woods


Federico Ferrario, hannah sommers, Terrie Wheeler,  Violeta Ilik

(star) Note taker

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  1. Updates from Erin (5 minutes)
  2. Forming the Steering Group (Julia, 15 minutes)
    1. First meeting is August 2
    2. Send nominations to Julia and Mike by July 19
    3. Elections by Google Forms by July 26
    4. Focus of the Steering Group
  3. VIVO membership (Ann, Michele, David) 40 minutes
    1. Membership analysis
    2. Membership revenue


Congrats to Violeta, Alex and Hannah for being elected as community representatives! Thanks for joining us on the LG again.

1. Updates from Erin

Erin: A couple of press releasese this week to announce that the merger and the new board.

At the next meeting, we will do an orientation to the Leadership Group. Erin will send an update via email.

Andrew and Mic talked with Addagio, a service provider in Columbia who wants to connect the VIVOs to allow navigation across all of the 5 VIVOs in Columbia. There’s a lot of interest in VIVO in Latin America, like Brazil and Mexico. Michele would like to integrate an event with the COAR annual meeting in Peru next year.

2. Forming the Steering Group

Julia: First meeting is August 2. Please volunteer or send nominations by email to Julia and Mike by July 19. Elections by Google Forms the following week by July 26

As you all know, Steering is intended to be more operational than Leadership. I’d like to propose that we change Steering a bit this year.

In order for our structure to work best, we need people with ideas about new initiatives and moving them forward.

We need the SG to be forming sub groups to accomplish things, proposing agenda items for LG and proposing things to be voted on by LG.

I have ideas for creating some focused work groups or committees and forming a SG. I’ll send details by email so please watch for that soon.

Mike: We will open these work groups up to the community.

3. VIVO membership (Ann, Michele, David)

Ann: Goals for the discussion today are awareness, urgency, and engagement. The revenue doc shows where things stand, and the analysis doc shows more detail about our member representation as well as growth opportunities.

Our goal to increase membership by 10% this year and we need to keep talking about it. But we did not meet that goal. We hope that LG members hear about our recommendations and get inspired to join this committee.

Mike: We need to be very frank about analysis using the site registry. A lot of the sites on the registry did not complete their implementations, so the registry is inaccurate. It overcounts by 100 and undercount of international sites. The sites in Italy, India, Columbia are not in the registry. Julia and I went through the registry quickly and made a separate, more realistic list.

Ann: how do we make the registry more accurate?

Erin: We may be able to allocate staff time for cleaning this up. Kristi started doing this for DSpace and Fedora. We can do this as an in-kind contribution.

Michele: The registry gives an idea about distribution. In many cases, we might rely on the regional user groups to engage their local sites.

Erin: The CRM is more for membership and prospects but the registry is very opt in. There is some overlap.

Anna: Regional groups are very useful. SIGMA is promoting a group in Spain and they think there might be more implementations in Spain. They are working on a webinar.

David: Comparing the CRM and the registry would be a good idea. Maybe the membership committee might be a good idea.

On the analysis report, the installations are based on registry data but shows that most sites are in the U.S. There are charts that show sites vs. members and this shows opportunities for membership.

We looked at membership by level and % of the budget by level. VIVO is heavily reliant on platinum members. This makes us pretty vulnerable.

On the LG, most members are from the US. The LG has good representative of member levels. The SG is almost all from the U.S.

Recommendations focus on community engagement with VIVO users. In the US it makes sense to create regional user groups but they don’t necessarily need to be coordinated by the LG. We can delegate to someone else who is active.

There are some areas with lots of sites but not many members.

Mic: It’s important to find national organizations or agencies that could facilitate communication with sites in these countries. These sites don’t know how to contribute. So we need to help recommend how they are valuable.

The LG should lead the effort to contact the sites in each country. The underreporting of these sites is definitely related this.

Mike: The growth opportunities are more outside the U.S. The universities in the U.S. more often purchase tools for research discovery. Also, 9 of our members in the U.S. do not have production VIVO sites. This is a risk and an opportunity. There are many universities in the U.S. with whom we’ve been working and talking for many years. They are not able to become members.

Erin: We should compile more information before we can nail hard strategy. We need to confirm exactly what we is valuable about being a member.

Mic: Elsevier’s growth is an opportunity for VIVO. Interest in research information management is growing.

Ann: Valid points but let’s not give up on the U.S. Clarivate is working with a lot of customers who are interested in RIM.

Christian: The VIVO workshop in Germany in November is a great place to nudge sites into membership. The TIB has a hard time justifying silver membership because we’re not sure it’s worth it.

Anna: Social media is a great way to promote VIVO. Publishing white papers about various aspects of VIVO would also be helpful.

Ann: I hope you can join us on the membership task force. We need more help.

Julia: Thanks to Ann, David and Mic for all their great work on this. It’s a really important topic.

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