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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Kitio Fofack 
  2. Ralph O'Flinn 
  3. Don Elsborg
  4. Benjamin Gross (star)
  5. Brian Lowe 
  6. Jim Blake
  7. Huda Khan


  1. Review of agenda

    1. Any pressing issues?
  2. Sprint update

    1. i18n
    2. Externalized search
    3. Product evolution
    4. Misc
  3. Design / Contribution process for larger features

  4. Tickets that are looking for a shepherd:
    1. VIVO-1546 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. Housekeeping updates from last week

    1. Moving the Advanced Role Management feature forward

      1. VIVO-1436 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. Follow-on PRs addressing code review comments: Jim Blake / another to review



    2. Themes
      1. VIVO-1543 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Thanks,Kitio Fofack! We need one more reviewer
    3. Misc
      1. VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Don Elsborg(investigate) & Benjamin Gross(approve?) & Graham Triggs(approve after one more update?)
      2. VIVO-1602 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Can anyone reproduce or further describe this bug? Graham Triggs ?
  6. In-Review

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    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  7. 1.10 

    1. bugs (1.10.1?)

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      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • Don: Requested to add VIVO-1619 to the agenda

    Ralph: Sprint recap, thanks to all.

    Participation is still possible, cleanup for open tickets. Check sprint board.

    Don: Was AGROVOC fixed? Yes. Endpoint URL changed but has been updated in code.

    Design / Contribution process for larger features. Let’s wait until Andrew is here to discuss.

    VIVO-1546 - Mismatch between where can be for jenatools and where it is supposed to be for VIVO/Vitro. Ralph volunteered to take it on.

    VIVO-1649: Don, has submitted a series of pull requests (4, including those submitted to 1.9.3 maint branch). Deployed on 1.9.3 for CU.

    Don: Would really like to this submitted to a maint branch for previous releases
    Ralph: We have had discussions in the past about what ‘support’ means for old releases
    Benjamin: Are you looking for commits to be made to main branches only, or official releases
    Ralph and Don: Commits to a maint branch probably sufficient, Don: Easy is better
    Ralph: Release of 1.10.0 took a week out of his life he will never get back. Lots of Maven work.
    Don: TODO post PRs to develop Slack channel. May also approach ontology group with additional identifier properties they created.

    Status of advanced role management: Jim was involved of initial review. Andrew has taken the lead and created new branches. Benjamin: Did Andrew make additional changes?

    VIVO-1602- Any status? We are not familiar with anybody else having come across this, probably due to not having language tags in their db.

    Review status updates:

    Creation of WAR file for Tomcat.

    Ralph: Go take a look. Pick something up. Flip a coin.

    1. Benjamin: VIVO-1641 is interesting. Ralph: Motivation is increasing compatibility. Status of Blazegraph? Ralph: Blazegraph site has not been updated, SSL certs are not trusted. Activity on GitHub limited. Don: I think Wikidata is using Blazegraph. Amazon is not actively trying to destroy Blazegraph according to them. Huda: Blazegraph was behind Neptune. Don: Daniel Mench (?) is going to present on wikidata/wikicite next week. Would be good to get his perspective on the role of Blazegraph there. Benjamin: Why were they using Blazegraph Ralph: I think they were already using it at their institution. Also related:  

    2. - Should be a quick fix

    3. Don: How about Solr externalization?

      1. Ralph: It was a success. Will need a followup for compatibility with Elasticsearch.

      2. Jim: Will need to work on installation instructions. Ralph: yes, they exist

      3. Jim: what about 1549. Solr smoke test runs in a separate thread so Tomcat can start Solr. With externalized Solr we should have smoke test first so it fails immediately.

      4. Benjamin: I thought we said you should be able to start Solr after the fact and VIVO should recover. Jim: vClassCache may be done during startup Don: If the db is changed and search indexing fails, will it recover after a restart? Jim: It definitely doesn’t queue things.

      5. Benjamin: Once externalized, can Solr 4 still work? Huda: Likely differences in how solr connects, so no.

      6. Don: Elasticsearch has changed schema enough that old versions are completely incompatible.

      7. Don: Were the class names pulled out from the search preview? Benjamin: Yes. We might want to add in the functionality of searching for class names but not add them to the preview snippets. Either by making the class field searchable or adding the class back to the search index without showing it in the snippet.

      8. Jim: The class name field is not tokenized so you must match the entire classname.  

      9. The secret may be with the DocumentModifier (Don, tried with excluder, and that's not it)

    Don: Anybody noticed any data issues with improper shutdown to Tomcat when editing with a TDB content store? TDB is transactional and there is a log that should allow recovery. Brian: VIVO may be addressing it? Jim: Are there explicit calls to commit a transaction? Brian: I think so but it has been a long time. SDB should have it… not actually sure about TDB. Benjamin: What’s the fear? Jim: Either edits won’t make it to the database, or it may corrupt the database. Noticed issues with journal files when converting from Jena 2 to 3.

    Next week: Daniel from wikidata will be on the call!


  • Don Elsborg to post data property linking pull requests to develop Slack channel. 
  • Don Elsborg to approach ontology group with additional identifier properties they created for CU instance
  • Brian Lowe  confirm LDF server issue with TDB content stores

Don: TODO 

Previous Actions

  • Andrew Woods to respond to mailing list: "fresh 1.10 release install crashing with..."
  • Mike Conlon to address:   VIVO-1609 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Don Elsborg to update vagrant for 1.10
  • Don Elsborg to investigate rationale for retaining two nearly identical propStatement-dataDefault.ftl files in VIVO and Vitro ( VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Don Elsborg - add jira tickets for abox/tbox use cases - one ticket for each use case
  • Brian Lowe  - check with ontology group on handles
  • Alex Viggio will bring news of Elasticsearch instead of Solr up with Product Evolution.  
  • Benjamin Gross to create new Jira issue for additional errors thrown startup.

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